[Done 2.8]Editing Both Left And Right Seperatly In Sample Editor

as it says bassiaclly. :)

This has been suggested before (by me and others). You are correct; we need to be able to work on channels separately, like in Sound Forge.

Indeed, maybe this is the one small thing I’d expected to see in 1.9.
But I thought up a work around for this:

something as simple as a checkbox or a context menu option to disable editing on a channel would be enough

I like the Adobe Audition way. If you click anywhere on the sample close to the ruler, then the opposite channel will be muted (grayed out). Simply press anywhere closer to middle of sample to enable both channels again.

Looks like it’s similar as in Wavelab then: clicking/selecting in the center (50% of the area) selects both channels, clicking/selecting on the edges (outer 25% areas) selects the respective channels. Seems like the best solution to me.

edit: except in Wavelab the other channel doesn’t get muted, just not-selected.


i could really do with this feature, and it’s all about breakbeats again :drummer:

some of the raw breakbeats i got, y’know old funk ones, somtimes will have a noise you don’t want on either the left/right channel (horn stabs, shouting, guitar, etc) and a quick deletion of left/right and then a resample to Mono, would be really nice and easy for me


Yeah definitely right. This also occurs when you sample from a movie or tv show which is recorded in nice stereo. Sometimes you dont want the info in both channels.


simple checkbox is fine with me

clicking in a certain range to place an edit cursor/selection only in the desired channel would be really nice though, would certainly feel more like wave editors i’m used to.

flipping the channels is also something i’ve desired, most often with stereo field recordings that feel heavy on one side. i’ve been using a seperate plugin to do that

I dont think a check box is the way to go. Just do it like in all the audio editors and have it region specific

+1 to both suggestions, being able to swap the stereo sides of the recording would be something i would find far more use for than the flip and reverse button that is in renoise right now. …Or…what would be useful would be making a button in the sample editor that adjusts the sample volume… in stereo, instead of mono, to allow you balance the L and R channels!