[Done 2.8]Sample Editor: Silence Selection

Just a small suggestion for workflow improvement: Adjacent to the amplitude controls in the sample editor add one to silence the selection.

It can be done manually by selecting a region and clicking set volume or pressing F10 and setting volume to ‘-INF’ but I do it often enough that I would like it to have its own button.

Does anyone else silence regions in samples often enough to warrent this addition?

@mxb: sometimes people bring up suggestions that i ran into multiple times but for some reason never suggested on the forums myself. what i usually do is do a mix-paste to cancel stuff out and effectively make it silent. this is not ideal. so, i would love to have this option.

this tool can do it: select a part of the sample, rightclick, choose “Process => Add silence”, click the “From selection” button and then “add”

sorry, the above doesn’t do what you want to do. Do the following:

select the part to silence, then use the amplify button ( ) in the sample editor bottom bar and set the slider to full left

new edit: sometimes I’m really blind… I didn’t see you mentioned the same process in your message, sorry…

Please find attached a tool to add this feature.

If people feel it should be placed on the main tools page let me know.

This tool will add a keybinding and menu item (under the ‘Process’ submenu) for the sample editor to silence the selected region of the sample.

If no region is selected (which is the same as the whole sample from the point of view of the tools API), nothing will happen.

Undo will only be available if the sample editor undo is enabled.

Hope others find this useful.

haven’t checked yours yet, but is it similar to Tool (2.7): Add/Remove Silence ?

errr, nevermind, seems like it-aliens script only adds or deletes silence while your script replaces the selection with silence. Thanks!