Sample Editor Overhaul

Suggestion for upcoming releases would be to give the Sample Editor a bit of an overhaul and general updating.

It’s been mentioned in various other threads on the forum but this thread is to keep all discussion together regarding this Renoise improvement. Many suggested feature already have tool based workaround, but accessing sample data through Lua is extremely slow relative to native implementations, and can be painfully slow for longer samples.

Suggested new/modified features:

Am I the only one waiting for the possibility to edit separate channels in a stereo sample?

  • I’d rather have a manually adjustable curve for the fade-in and fade-out functions, maybe this can be done through a tool hack-around as well using an envelope in the automation editor?

Would you add multiple selections to that list? Preferrably by controller key ctrl as default.

while we’re at it, the ability to move a selection around by simply dragging?

Check the Sample Editor’s context menu > Process

that damn context menu is a bEASt of sampling utility.

IDK about anyone else but i havent found another DAW with comparable native sample editing functionality to Renoise.

I can turn raw wave single cycles into percussion as easy as enveloping and rendering-to. I dig that.

Stereo to mono; whats the complaint? Right click; adjust properties; choose from dropdown. to edit individual stereo channels, do that and choose mono-l, then load another instance of the same sample and do the same for mono-r.

Unless something very odd has happened since the 2.5.1 poverty has stuck me with, something like Live 8’s warp system, then the solution is there