[Done] 2Nd Bindings For Octave Up Octave Down

please could we have 2nd bindings for octave up and octave down

i apologize that most of my posts are of 2nd bindings, but i love using the pckeyboard via usb, and mbp laptop keyboard (which doesnt have numpad) for tracking, and being forced to map and remap (using pckeyboard, map numpad to octave up/ octave down, using mbp laptop, RE-map octave up to “a key”, RE-map octave down to “a key”) depending on which keyboard i use (or have available to me) is sad.

no, saving two types of .xml (one for usb keyboard and one for mbp laptop) isn’t a solution either, because keybind settings (for me) are not static, they change over time as i identify better workflows. thus i would respectfully like to request 2nd bindings for octave up and octave down.

Hmmm… Maybe it’s just a weird Mac thing, but I have a USB keyboard hooked up to my Windows laptop, and I can trigger the exact same key bindings from any keyboard and it’s no problem. I wonder why this would be any different on a Mac? Maybe there’s some setting(s) you can tweak to change the behaviour somehow?

its very simple.
macbookpro laptop keyboard doesnt have numpad.
plug in any usb keyboard, and you have numpad.
hence i would like to continue using usb keyboard with numpad.
but also use macbookpro laptop keyboard with two keys set to octave up/ octave down. currently i can either have mbp-specific settings, or usbkeyboard-specific settings.

which is why i would like to request 2nd bind for octave up / octave down.

Ahhh… of course. My apologies for the misunderstanding.

If you need two completely different sets of binding, it be better if you load/save/swap the whole keybindings depending on which keyboard you currently used?

You can do so in the Preferences -> Keys -> Load/Save Mappings

why not just allow 2nd bindings for octave up and octave down?

if your opinion is “just save and load different key map settings”, why have 2nd bindings in the first place?

and regards the “completely different”, they aren’t. i use one set of keymappings for everything, however, numpad is useful on usb-keyboards and doesnt exist on mbp-laptop, and same with insert+delete which is immensely useful on usb-keyboard and un-usable with mbp laptop keyboard, yet there exists a “2nd insert new row” but not “2nd delete current row” or “2nd delete previous row”.

increase octave is mapped to numpad *
decrease octave is mapped to numpad /

if you randomly have access to a usbkeyboard that gives you numpad, you are very happy then, but very unhappy when you’ve re-mapped them to non-numpad keys for your laptop, and have to keep switching back and forth, back and forth.
and what about when two people use the same computer, one on the mbp keyboard and one on the usb keyboard, one or the other is constantly on the losing end.

if your reaction is to tell me to sod off and load and save keymappings, then by all means, remove all 2nd bindings, for its up to the user to keep switching back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

you know, for a tracker that’s supposed to be keyboard-based and pride itself on its shortcuts, it sure seems like a lot of bother for a developer to add shortcuts!

Because we have to setup a default bindings which “roughly” work on notebook layouts & full sized keyboards.

I simply don’t want to add "2nd"s everywhere, but am looking for a real solution to the problem. Its not about telling you to sod off?

a thought: how many times a day (or week) do you get 2nd bindings requests?

the tracker usage of numpad on keyboards is pretty established, but hardly ever taken care of on notebooks (which sometimes lack numpads). my main qualm with using trackers on notebooks are: pageup, pagedown, insert, delete, octave up, octave down. sometimes scroll-lock (which on some trackers was follow-pattern). i haven’t really seen others (f.ex., the solution to change instruments to prev/next was very well taken care of by renoise for notebooks).

thats why i came here to ask for 2nd octave up/down and 2nd delete, since i saw that 2nd insert (and a few other 2nd’s) are already there. i haven’t really seen others. has anyone else? im not really sure if there can be a solution, that doesn’t 1) detract from usage of traditional tracker-numpad on full-sized keyboards 2) leave laptop-users hanging (or clicking the mouse).

sorry for blowin my lid out of this, its just that, in addition to these 3 2nd’s, i haven’t come across others that need 2nd bindings…

Wait, you mean the keyboard octave up/down, not the octave up down things for the pattern selection, column, tracks and pattern which would be a big bunch of new 2nds. Sorry, I’ve mixed up things here.

That indeed makes sense because there currently is no way to do this on small keyboards.

Whats you default for this when not using the USB keyboard?

How about setting a second, user-definable entry for secondary bindings? You only ever supply the defaults, as you have, but underneath the current New Assignment section in Preferences - Keys there’s a section the User can add any secondary key-combination to also work for that sort-cut.

I only have MSPaint (well I have GIMP but only remembered when finished) so it’s quite rough but you should get the idea of what I mean.

yep, only the keyboard octave up/down :) my default for laptop-keyboard i haven’t decided, but someone suggested using “a” and “<”

Used the keys next to P now (L/R Bracket on english keyboard layouts)…

Thanks kazakore. That would indeed be a better alternative to the 2nd mess we have right now. Lets add this to the drop box for some when later…

Done, but not not for B7, but the next 2.5 Beta or RC or whatever…

thank you so much, taktik!