Kazakore'S Second Assignment

Hi, thought it would be time to reference these, since he pops up on a few of my (shortcut/keybind) threads.

Suggestion by Kazakore: ( from This thread

Here’s what Taktik said to it back then:
“Thanks kazakore. That would indeed be a better alternative to the 2nd mess we have right now. Lets add this to the drop box for some when later…”

The same suggestion by Kazakore pops up later during 2.7…

Well as a brand new shortcut was introduced with a double keybinding I thought it was time to bump this idea again, in case it had been forgotten ;)

When I first read your title I wondered what the first assignment you had set me was… :-?

It’s timely, definitely.

and the other 99,000,000 things I’ve asked

everyone knows Renoise features are added by magic and THE RENOISE TEAM IS BEING STINGY WITH THEIR MAGIC WAND … FEATURUS… IMPLEMENTUM!