[done] Add A Filter To The Signall Follower

Hello guys,

first of all I must say I am delighted with renoise 2.5 ! great work!

I would like to have a small improvement with signall follower though, it would be great if it featured similar
filter like renoise chorus does! This way you could select what frequencies of the “triggering” signal should affect the signal you want to control…

For example, I am using bassdrum with long ride on top of it, and I would like only bass frequencies to
trigger the modulation… But instead the signal is triggered until the ride (high frequencies) decay off…

I hope it’s not a very hard thing to implement, and I think it would benefit signall follower device greatly!


it has to be noted that this suggestion makes more sense because you can’t route the SignalFollower to previous tracks, so the workaround of sending the audio signal to a Send Track would not work here

Use the hydra inthe send track :P


Seriously though, filter and input gain controlz plz

it is definately a good feature, but i wonder how much complexity and overcrowd it will add to the device itself… with this rate of suggestions we will end up in devices that doesn’t fit on a single track dsp screen space ! :D

And I think it would be better compared to the gate, not the chorus :P

That is where the “lower right” and left arrow icons always were for? to hide /show advanced stuff?

Yeah!! Why stop with sidechain plugins, let’s make de-essers obsolete as well ^_^


Yeah yeah… you cold, cruel computer people!! What’s next? Something to replace dolphins, or women??? :(

what is women :unsure:

Agreed, this would be useful.

Have I not given my +1 to hear yet? Well here it is ;)

can you not just send the signal to …say, S01, add a lpf/hpf/whatever, then add another signal-follower to your destination.? I haven’t tried this by the way.


Oh ye of little faith :P


(I updated this a few times after posting, so please re-download)

So… it’s possible, but I do agree that it would be nice to have a built-in filter on the signal follower.

of course!! the hydra.

that is real neat dblue! and yeah, the send to the S01. why didn’t I/we think of that haha.

thanks dblue, this has also just made me wet my self at the thought of being to do even more intersting schranz beats!!! :drummer:

Well, let me be clear here - the Hydra has nothing to do with it. I am simply using it here for convenience, because it lets me remap the signal to precisely what I want.

[edit] What I originally posted was a bit wrong.

What I meant to say is… rather than fine-tune things on the signal follower itself, I usually prefer to just leave it operating at the normal 0% - 100% range… then I later remap things to a more meaningful range with the controls offered in the Hydra device.

Well, I find it interesting that you’re saying this, because it was your original post that gave me the idea:

“can you not just send the signal to …say, S01, add a lpf/hpf/whatever, then add another signal-follower to your destination.?”

That gave me the idea to first route the original sound to a send track with “keep source” enabled, then filter it and put that through a signal follower to control some other stuff, and finally mute the filtered signal, leaving only the original signal which would come through the send. In other words… you can keep the original sound, but trigger the signal follower with a filtered version of the signal that is never heard, so you kinda get the best of both worlds.