[done] Suggestion: Pin Sample Focus


first of all: pure awesomeness! yay! ;)

ok… now for the suggestion: the new “copy into new sample” feature is a great addition to the sample editor and comes really close to my recent feature request. One thing would make it perfect though: The possibility to pin the sample focus so renoise doesn’t change the focus to the newly created sample. Would this be possible without all too much hassle?


Yes! For example, when cutting up a break that would be a nice thing to have. Then you don’t have to continuously go back to the ‘original’ sample for the next slice.

Also, I wouldn’t mind if automatically pasting in an empty sample slot, would also automatically ‘generate drumkit’, so it is laid down underneath the next key.


actually, also PLEASE ADD: ‘cut into new sample’ & ‘cut into new instrument’ ! :slight_smile:

Yes, please implement this. Or maybe Renoise could remember last view at each sample slot (position, zoom and selection). This way you could work on the sliced part a bit, then change back to the original sample and continue working exactly where you left.

Btw., I’m very impressed at the speed of loading long samples into Renoise. It’s lightning fast compared to 1.9, love it!

Adding another vote to this option.
The copy to new sample/instrument features are VERY useful but yes the shifting focus is annoying for most applications of these.
Particularly in the case of adding samples to the current instrument, since AFAIK there is no key to switch between these samples.

+1 for “cut into” as well. Actually the issue of having to build a separate interface for this could be circumvented if it was all just PASTE into. I doubt it’s a hassle having to do an additional Ctl+X or Ctl+C.

oh yeah!! :w00t:

me wants +1

As soon as the focus does not change you can quickly do this by pressing Cut afterwards, so we maybe should simply never change the focus on the exiting “Copy into” actions - do not make it optional but make it the default behavior?

That would be perfect in my opinion.

Sounds good indeed, could pasting into new slot also automatically generate drumkit?

It will already now, as soon as you are pasting into an existing drum kit, or you hit create drumkit after having pasted the second sample…

We should not do this all the time as you dont want to have drumkits all the time.

+1 for this
But only if this was not to skip the “remember zoom/selection levels for each slot” thing ;) . When working with longer samples this is really frustrating to find the correct position all the time.

How about also adding ‘paste to new sample/instrument slot’ ? That is very useful as well when you use external clipboard (windows clipboard from another editor). The paste to would then also change focus.

I know about if you paste into an already existing drumkit, guess it is laziness on my part :slight_smile: I often load a sample with the sole attempt to cut it into a drumkit, having the first paste result in an automatic generated drumkit would save me a second maybe hah. though why would you load an extra sample in an empty slot if you weren’t attempting a drumkit?