[done] Xy Device - Snap To Zero

Making sure sunjammer’s suggestion doesn’t get forgotten, because i’m a +1

XY Device would benefit by having the ability to snap to zero (so it can work as a joystick live)


With a parameter to control the speed that it springs back into position, ranging from snappy and instant to rather slow and lazy.

Also, how about being about to make it a lot bigger on the screen. For live stuff, it is pretty small…

You mean between German Efficiency and Spanish Time.

Or is that a bit too racy for this forum?


That’s not racy though, just totally random racism? :(

Nation and Race are pretty unrelated, to be fair.

Wouldn’t say it was racism, more a national stereotype.

Yeah sure. As if a Spanish guy with German citizenship would suddenly be viewed as efficient (by someone entertaining these stereotypes, that is). Besides: same difference. Not that I wanna hijack this, but why even contest it.

Because Race and Nationality are two very different things, that is why.

Yeah, that’s what these words would literally mean, but not what was meant. Hence my comment about citizenship and most importantly, “yeah, right.

Oh what have I started. Everybody knows it’s just stereotypes that exist and most British people would of recognised it as such, even if they’re not quite so evident in other countries. I have nothing against the Germans or Spanish (although none of my Spanish mates can ever be anywhere on time, especially the ladies!)

I’m perfectly aware that these stereotypes exist. A lot of stereotypes exist. So? They’re like plants that should die without water. And then burned. And put on display.

Just to make a point: I’m very glad the Renoise pricing policy is not made by Jews, and that apparently even black people are tolerated in the community, because sampling from an unregistered version doesn’t even seem to be frowned upon.


See? What would be the point of weaving such stuff in there somewhere, instead of just saying “I like that Renoise is so cheap and that they’re so laid back”? Why repeat something that is lame at best and a (not so) secret handshake/hideout for absolute fucktards at worst? I don’t care who litters and why… I’m just concerned with removing or at least marking the litter.

I strongly disagree. Anything and everything should be up for having the piss taken out of it. People who try and push Political Correctness too far are the most irritating out there! Well except people who actually are racist/homophobic/etc and actually try and cause uproar and dissent with what they say and do.

See Sarah Silverman, she’s Jewish yet tells more anti-semitic jokes than just about any other I can think of. Watch Marcus Brigstocke Religion sketches, where he goes through as many as possible. Watch much Monty Python, where throughout their material there is not many who get away without some mention somewhere. To try and suggest any of these people actually harbour bad feelings against anybody that are the targets of their jokes would be ridiculous.

Personally I think you’re being overly sensitive, although I admit I probably wouldn’t of posted it if I wasn’t feeling so hung-over at the time.

lets keep on the subject folks,this isent the place to discuss these kind of things(TAKE IT TO THE CHAT-ROOMS)

Racism by definition is believing another race is inferior. No racism here, just stereotypes and every race has them. White people suck at basketball, black people can’t swim, blondes are ditzy, etc. Doesn’t mean anything unless you’re just super sensitive. A lot of stereotypes prove to be true, though so you really can’t be annoyed by the truth. There’s always going to be exceptions to the rules and you should still make judgements about people’s behavior on an individual basis.