Xy Device Auto Reset *speed*

In this topic the Snap-to-zero feature for the XY device was suggested. The feature was then added in beta 4 and the topic marked as [done]

However, in the same thread user dblue added this suggestion, but that was never seriously discussed (the thread was hijacked by an OT discussion about racism…)

I just want to raise this suggestion again, and add my +1.

It could also be interesting if there were independent X and Y resets. This would allow you to tweak one of the parameters and let it snap back to its default position, while the other parameter stays at the last value you set. You can find similar functionality on some synths and MIDI controllers, where the pitch bend and mod wheel are combined into a single joystick, so that X is pitch and Y is mod. The Pitch/X axis springs back to a neutral position, but the Mod/Y axis remains where you left it.

interesting idea…
as i haven’t used the xy device at all yet, can someone give a practical example of the uses this would allow?


We talked about this on irc dblue and while i agree, i’m more hot for the interpolation device :wink: (Yeah i know, another metadevice)

This could replace or supplement inertia on the filter device, and essentially allow smoothed or attenuated input for any parameter in the chain. Input and inertia sliders, target output selector. Pretty simple.

That said, i’m also thinking this is exactly what we’re getting scripting support for!


Anything ever happen with this? +1 from me - adjustable spring speed seems like a critical feature for the XY Device.

I’d use it most for pitchbend, but I can also imagine it being essential for people wanting to do vinyl scratching effects with stretchers/slowers: the turntable doesn’t instantly spin back up to 33.5 or whatever.