[Doofer] FuzzleBuerste - kind of fuzz like distortion

Hi I see people started posting Doofer presets here - nice thing. I want to share one I made a while ago.

When the normal distortion isn’t gritty enough for you, this one can have much more character…

It is kind of complex distortion effect, that can sound similar to the classic “Fuzz” type distortion, with asymetric distortion. It can give interesting results on almost any kind of sound…even a simple sine wave lick can become a living being using this little beast…

Dials are:

Drive - main (asym) distortion intensity
Sat - additional (symmetrical) saturation
FLT - a lowpass filter that will reduce the highs and bring in some character when dialed in
Edge - low value = smoother sound, high value = gritty sound
DC - when at 50%, the distortion is symmetrical - dial lower or higher to introduce a DC shift up/down
Uber - when at 50%, sound is neutral - dial lower to put disto focus on bass, dial above 50% to put focus on highs

Though it does use a DC shift, it will also highpass the sound to remove it afterwards. Some peaks might get a bit stronger by the shift, so use Sat or take special care…

Have fun with this little beast!

FuzzleBuerste.xrdp (24.7 KB)


This is really good, has that nice saturation I was looking for. Thanks!

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Thanks for reminding me of my little toy!

Is so sweet, and I have totally forgotten about it in the mean time!

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