Double Click On Xrnx Tool To Install Does Not Work

Hi. When I doubleclick (on OSX) a XRNX and pick it to be opened via Renoise, Renoise starts up and complains that this is not a valid Song format.

Apparently with Windows, Renoise will try and load the XRNX up as an instrument and complain that it’s not a recognizable instrument. Off to you, Jenoki!

wha, seriously? what’s it look like?? :D


Where does it say you can double click on an xrnx to install a tool in the documentation? I thought the only way was drag and drop.

Oh High Priestess of Renoise, please forgive us our mistake(s)! Spare us from your foaming cutlass.

In other news, Renoise Windows is capable of loading a wavefile by doubleclicking + deciding. Renoise OSX tries to load this wavefile as a song. Renoise Windows loads XRNX as a sample (!), renoise OSX loads xrnx as a song and shoots an error. <- Renoise OSX will in a future version be able to load a wavefile as a sample instead of shooting an error. This mismatched behaviour between Win/OSX ( one loads it as whitenoise, one shoots an error ), when loading an xrnx, kind of could, at least, be balanced so that it doesn’t work the same way with both OS versions.
Who knows what Renoise Linux does when doubleclicking a XRNX, maybe it also loads it as whitenoise - i.e. treats the file as a sample.

Documentation, schmocumentation! You yourself have corrected typos and various, so you should know by now that the documentation will hardly ever be fully accurate. (Remember “Groove” vs. “Shuffle”? :) )

Renoise does not launch when double clicking an XNRX. You have to enforce loading it when double clicking on a XRNXs, by manually changing stuff in the explorer or finder. Either way: bug, missing feature or whatever else, of course it would be nice if it would install the XRNX in this case.

We decided to NOT support this so far, because we had problems implementing this on Linux, and wanted to have one way to install tools, which works reliably on all platforms -> avoiding confusion à la: when you are on Linux, drag and drop the XRNX onto Renoise. When you are on Windows, do this and that, bla, and so on…

Is that you offering to pay for my sex change operation?

If you read what I wrote it starts with a question and then an I Think statement. no ounce of certainty there, so your sarcasm is IMO quite misplaced.

Just tested though.

Open-With-Renoise, no Renoise session open = Loads as sample (noise.)
Open-With-Renoise, Renoise session already open = Appears to correctly install.

So I was wrong. Us Windows users can install by double-clicking (assuming you have manually set the file association) as long as Renoise is already open.

Yeah. And when Renoise is already open on OSX, doubleclicking on a XRNX (and making it be loaded with Renoise) will quit the current song and out comes this:

Taktik has it right about “having one reaction to XRNX” (=preferred usage is drag-xrnx-on-top-of-renoise. and it works with all 3 OS’s). As an end-user, however, I’d expect to get the same error messages and same actions (doubleclick on xrnx when renoise is open = install xrnx on osx,win,linux… or shoot the same error “this xrnx is not a valid song” in all 3 os’s…)))).

it’s just canon. I like canon.

Nope, it’s me, un-subtly referring to you as the official Mother Hen of the Renoise forum.
“Wait, no, that’s not what you’re supposed to do! Where did you read you were allowed to do that?? How dare you go against the etiquette rules!” with a waggin’ finger.

If something makes sense to do, such as installing with double-clicking, and is possible/easy on one platform but hard/near impossible on another I think it makes 100% perfect sense to be made to work where it can but maybe not documented as an official feature until it has been worked out on all 3 OSes. Because you use an Operating System that they haven’t made it work on do you really think the Devs should cripple it on all of them?

“I know what! Let’s make it so you have to hit the Caps Lock button twice on OSX, Linux and WinXP because you have to on Win7. That’s the only fair way!” How retarded!!

(And I would say I can get a little too bitchy to be a Mother Hen ;) )

if something works on 3 os’s, it should be in all 3 os versions of the software. also, water might sometimes be wet, and wet might sometimes be cold. however, not always.

your strawman argument is on fire. so are your eyebrows. You come up with a completely absolutely retarded bunch of sentences, only to then say “yeah, that’s retarded, and you just said something amounting to it, and therefore you’re retarded, and you’re just wrong, and i won!!”… ;)

Of course, stupid bugs must not be replicated across OS’s. When it comes to something called “cool features”, do you think they should not be replicated across OS’s? :)
This whole capslock + win7 thing has passed me by, but seems quite annoying. I’d have re-configured note-off key to be something else while waiting for a Renoise Win7 fix. But that’s just me. Since every goddamn thing has to be spelled out, NOWHERE IN THAT PARAGRAPH DID I SAY “DO NOT FIX WIN7 CAPSLOCK BUG”, NOWHERE DID I SAY “IF THERE’S A REALLY BAD BUG IN RENOISE, JUST CHANGE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS AND MAKE DO WITH IT, LET’S NOT FIX BUGS” ETC FUCKING BULLSHIT THAT I HAVE TO FUCKING SPELL OUT FOR YOU TO STOP YOU FROM FUCKING COMING UP WITH SOME MOTHERFUCKING SHIT TO GO OFF ABOUT AGAIN!!!

look up the verb “To Scold” and you’ll see :)

It doesn’t officially work on any of them! It hasn’t been documented for any of them! The fact it does work on at least one of them should at least point to the fact the Devs would like it to work on all of them and I personally trust they are working towards that. I prefer to trust that the Devs are doing the best for use they can on all platforms rather than bitch about minor differences between them that as of yet have not been ironed out.

This is just a fancy way of saying “report nothing. shut up already.”. I’m glad you’re not in charge of Renoise Support Calldesk.

Do you comprehend the concept of “we started developing something, but then forgot about it because we have been busy developing other Renoise-related things”?
Do you comprehend the concept of “we started developing something, but did not finish it, yet?”
Do you comprehend the concept of “we started developing something, developed it halfway, left it as an undocumented feature, and an end-user ran across it and pointed it out”?

All I see is you bitching about fucking bullshit.

Don’t draw “personal trust” into this.

Your statement: “look at me, I personally trust the Renoise development team, because I love them, YOU, ON THE OTHER HAND, YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT AND YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY TRUST THE RENOISE DEVELOPMENT TEAM, YOU’RE JUST A FUCKING MOANYPANTS AND YOU’LL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING” is fucking bullshit.

Man! Why are you so angry today? Aunt Irma come to visit?

Maybe the Devs have forgotten. Then why sign off your post with a “Off to you, Jenoki!” Surely a “Can we get double-clicking working on all 3 OSes please Devs” might of been more suitable…

I think we’re done here, aren’t we?

You guys should probably take a deep breath, count to 10, and go do something else. This thread is going absolutely nowhere fast.

I signed off with “Off to you, Jenoki!” because I had been chatting with him and it was his time to post the animated GIFs showing how it worked with Windows.
Point of reference: regular run-of-the-mill banter between two newscasters.

Fair enough, that makes sense.

Doesn’t change the fact you have reported something as a Bug which is not a feature and as such a reminder thread in Ideas and Suggestions may of helped prevent this stupid (and yes I’m calling myself as much, if not more, stupid than you for my part in it) bickering. ;)

Surely Ideas and Suggestions is for the usual pianoroll/MAXMSP clone/Vocoder requests… Is it not?
Surely Help,Support&Bugs is for “help, this doesn’t work, also, it works on this OS, but not on this one”.
Surely noone would want Ideas and Suggestions to be flooded (i’m using this term loosely since there aren’t that many) with people asking for a Renoise feature available on “not-their-OS-Renoise” to be added to “their-OS-Renoise”?

If it does something, it’s a feature. Documented, undocumented, still a feature.

Well the request would mention OS at all.

“Can we have Tool installation via double-clicking”

I would not call something that doesn’t work at all in some OSes and only partially in others a feature in the slightest!

how about: easter egg?
well, i kind of get what you mean.
these are really arcane issues.
arcane does not mean “invalid”.
however, arcane does pose the question “is there any point in spending time on this rather than something which more people will use/come across more often?”.