Drag And Drop Selection-block In 1.5

I notice people having problems with the drag and drop feature of selection-blocks.

I just put up some suggestions how to approach this idea differently, and we’ll see what comes out of it.

alt + f3 is soooo much better…and you can always get backup from alt + f5 ;D

They should keep it like it currently is, in my opinion.

The only thing I reproch to the drag’n’drop is that it lacks precision. When you move your mouse to the left/right, the ‘shadow’ of the drag’n’drop is always flying one line above.

as i (we) said … drag & drop without any x-tra key is ok … but an x-tra key for re-positioning the dragged selections upper left corner directly under the mouse would be very useful!

pleaaaase, for god sake…atleast add somekind ov enable/disable button for this one to config menu and everybody will be happy… :)

I agree with Robert. I voted for the shift+drag combination as I happen to drag blocks accidentally, but to have dragging as an option would be even better - and I think I would keep it turned OFF, as I do the block copy-pasting using Ctrl+C, Crtl+V anyway…

I would like to be able to use drag n drop on some occations. And then it’s really a hassle to go into the configs, switch it on, drag your selection and switch it off again. A modifier+drag makes much more sense to me.

I agree with johan ;)

…and so do I. -_-

me too :P

thank you!

everything is fine now on renoise 1.5a4 :)

i don’t like it the x-tra +ALT thing so much … maybe it’s good to switch this on and off via a config-option (don’t saw something like this)

the negativ thing is on drag’n’drop+ALT is that maybe somebody (new users) can’t remeber to release the ALT key and moves the droped selection again and again to another position etc. - destroying the pattern data on this … so i think the old normal drag’n’drop usability is better at all - and the normal way on other apps!! <_<

I agree with robert. Alt key is fine

so you´re sayin that destroyin just for fun every freakin time i´m surfing with mouse is better? thanks! :D

by the way…must be f****ing idiot if can´t remember to release alt (you have eyes attached to your brain and you´re seeing that hand, right?)

i accidentally performed drag&drop on marked blocks numerous times since the release of 1.5a and i really can’t seem to get used to the way it works even after hours and days of intensive labour with 1.5.

so this way of handling it, would be wonderful:

i’m thinking about newbies too … is it so wrong to use drag’n’drop in the alpha1-3 way? look at M$word or all the other drag’n’drop featured apps … nowhere else is an x-tra key needed …

in Renoise now i must press 2 keys + mouse button + movin’ the mouse for a copy&paste drag’n’drop action and i must release the keys again for another drag’n’drop action. IS THIS the usability sense of drag’n’drop??? it’s really more simple to use shortcuts now again …

at last we can ask WHY drag’n’drop in Renoise on pattern-editing in general???

but ok … don’t take me too serious B) … i’m happy that we got new and more simple ways of editing … and nobody will lose the own old ways of editing. it’s time for a public beta - maybe we get more opinions from more users - 20 votes isn’t enough and i’m very astonished that the devs changed this feature within the alpha time!

another thing … maybe we look a little more to other apps.
on some apps the duration (e.g. 100ms) of holding the mouse button on one possition starts the drag’n’drop process.

fast and easy selecting again and again (without jumpin in the drag action) and drag’n’drop without an x-tra key IS POSSIBLE !!! belive me!

any opinions from the devs???

…i´m off this, it´s time for sauna and beer…perrrrrkele!!!

but hey, don´t stop rolling ,what about piano roll? :D

I have an opinion about this. Think it would suck pretty much. Not having seen it in action I may be wrong, but I think I would skip holding for 100ms every time I tried to drag something, then wondering what is wrong, try it again and finally remember I have to wait a bit (ok, maybe I’m stupid but my mind works this way).

For example first thing I do when installing windows is always to turn off animated menus etc that causes these small delays because they really annoy me. Makes the UI not feel responsive.

Johan - i understand you … i understand all “x-tra-key-fans” … but it sounds like nowbody used drag’n’drop already??? i’m workin’ with homesite, flash-as-editor and so on … all editors workin’ in or like this way. and on “coding”, copy&paste/selecting actions are normal and sometimes (more in homesite) i use drag’n’drop coz using the cursor to move to a position hunderts lines down needs more time and i don’t like page-jumps so much …

it’s a question of a good coded selecting/drag’n’drop handling i think. and the solution isn’t an x-tra key … that’s my opinion. B)