Drag-click Channel Effect To Send Track In Mixer

Hello, might be suggested before, came across this today and thought it could be useful. I sometimes preview effectchains in normal tracks before setting up sendchannels with those effects .

The process of creating sends from existing dsp/vst chains in tracks could be sped up with the following new feature in the mixer page:

The ability to move effect chains from a certain track, by selecting & dragging with the mouse + for example holding ctrl or something, to a send track -> and have this automatically set up send devices for the corresponding effects in the channel(s) these effects were selected from. (does this work in English? :slight_smile: )

so, no one thinks this could be useful?

maybe because some users just waiting for some/a new routing solution(s)?!

im hoping for a modular environment, personally, so that the classic send-track would disappear.
but meanwhile i would like to see some kind of track-send-matrix or implemention of simple track-routing.

… which doesn’t solve this problem. In contrary: Adding new “modules”, putting “wires” in between them is not really faster than adding a new “Send Device” as it is now. I dont want to say that modular routing would not be great to have, but lets please also think of the disadvantages…

Could be useful.
Currently it isn’t even possible to move/copy effects with drag’ndrop between channels. Neither is it possible to select multiple effects. All this has been already on board, so don’t expect anything to happen soon. ;)

In the mixer you can do this, but you won’t be able to drag along the related automation envelopes, that is one thing to be cautious about.

Okay, time to dig deeper into it. Would be nice to have possibility to drag’n drop from effects panel to pattern tracks/track scopes too.

In general, I am not a fan of drag and drop and I think the less features that rely on such activity in Renoise, the better.
Tracker-style music making is not for mouse users.

Now talking specifically about your setup - why not just use the right click -> copy/cut device chain and paste it in the send?

(*edit : I need to read better :slight_smile: *)

This would be great. There could just be a hotkey like “Duplicate Track,” but instead it makes a send track out of the current one and puts a send metadevice in the previous track.

I find myself often setting up very complex effect chains, and this would simplify things a great deal.

Then again, most of these complicated effect chains sprout from Renoise’s lack of side-chain-a-bil-it-y. It would still be handy, though.

i do this in the mixer,but as Vv said the related automation envelopes wont be copied,so maybe it should be possible to get the automation envelopes to be copied with the related effects??