Selecting Several Dsp Effects In Mixer View

I didn’t find a post regarding this issue, although I’m quite sure it has been suggested by now.

In the Mixer View, cut, copy and paste either work for one effect, or for the whole device chain of a track. Would it be possible to mark a selection of certain effects with SHIFT/CTRL+left-click? This would be helpful, not just for arranging effects across different tracks, but also to simply switch them on and off (ENTER) without making use of send tracks.



Edit: Ok, I think I’ve found the can of worms… :rolleyes:

Cut/copy/paste Device Chains, including automation!

Drag-click Channel Effect To Send Track In Mixer, automatically set-ups send device / send effect in channel

Tried Right click on track and then select “Duplicate Track including patterns”?

Before you raise and stand to yell “I want add to the existing chain please”:

Device chains are attached to the track throughout the whole song.
Now you can save a chain to disk, then rightclick the .Fx file and then “Load with options” and uncheck the “Replace existing chain” box, then the chain will be added to the existing chain in the currently selected track.

The problem for the automation part is this:
If you copy the whole device chain, what should happen to the existing device chain automation in that track?
Delete or attach?
How would the automation be attached to the new device positions in that situation?

+1 for being able to select multiple dsp instances in the mixer view (with ctrl or shift like you would do in windows explorer) and copy/cut/drag them around.

yeh, i suggested this a while back too.

Good point, I’ve overlooked the difficulties caused by automated devices.

Thanks for suggesting “Load File with Options” when loading DSP chains. I haven’t tried the SHIFT+ENTER shortcut on .xrnt files before.