Drag/Drop midi snippet from plugin to pattern/track

i know it’s been around a while but it would be nice to support some extras VST functions like the midi pattern drop in stylux rmx, it makes life so easier.
some vst add a little bit of extra that works in all the major daw, renoise is a major daw now so :)

seems like a lot of drum vst use this drop midi to pattern stuff, another one to add to the list, addictive drums, a top choice at KVR audio, a tracker should be able to do better than any other pianoroll host when it comes to drum vst ! ;)

should title this midi pattern drop without the stylus rmx prefix :)

I don’t think this will be a 2.7 feature, but it remains a good suggestion.
Have suggested this myself a few times as well.
(Addictive Drums also supports this feature)

so for 2.81 ? :D

It would also be nice to drag midi tracks to explorer to save and recall melodies and easily exchange them in different songs. This would make me very happy :-). Now i sometimes loose good melodies cause i don’t know where to put them without messing up the arrangement…

yes, this would be one of those small but still “big” workflow enhancements

for now i’m using a second instance of renoise as a bank for clips and such

but copy-pasting between instances isn’t really the optimal solution

having either (1) clips as instruments (song data as instruments) or (2) loading of multiple renoise songs into one instance would rock

midi track import would be nice to have of course, since there are so many .mid files out there and it’s somewhat an industry standard format

The only thing Taktik needs to do here is simply allow the Lua API to grab the contents first before Renoise starts interpreting anything out of it.
currently Renoise first determines what to do with the contents and then hands over the control to the Lua tool. For extensions that are unknown this is less of a problem than with extensions that are known (like .MID extension that midi snippets get when they are dropped on Renoise)

so let’s do it ! :w00t:


Major lack imo.

indeed !