Idea: Midi Drag

Dear Renoise community,
pasting multiple midi files into one single Renoise project is a hard task as it can be done only via second Renoise instance.(as far as i know)
Please refer following forum post for this: Importing Midi+Xrns Into Patterns/Session

As know LUA scripting offers a lot of nice ADDONS i feel like to show you my idea of a MIDI-DRAG-Tool:

Track and Postion shall be a get/set function:
Settings will be read from actual position pointer, but can be changed by values.

Extend Pattern is for adding more lines to the pattern if needed
Overlap into next pattern means cutting the midi data and seperate
There is only 1 option selectable Extend or Overlap !

DRAG BUTTON is for dragging midi files/snippets from file manager or e.g EZplayer
if you press this button with mouse1 it will paste loaded midi data into selected Track/Position

Open MIDI is for opening systems open file dialog
(DRAG BUTTON must be pressed afterwards)

Create Midi Control Data and create instruments is like the typical import option of Renoise.
Pattern length is obsolete because of overlap or extend function
Lines per beat is imported from project settings

Please anybody who likes this idea can work on a tool like described ?
Maybe there are some other good solutions for this. Please tell me if yes ;)
Thanks for reading

If Taktik would create a reroute routine in his import facility (importing various samples and other mod and mid formats) to pass through a script API first and if it isn’t being used, then pass it to the default internal import mechanism, this could work out.
That would also give the scripter a chance to write a midisnippet importer for e.g. plugins from which you can drag and drop midi snippets.

That would be exactly what i need.
If this happens i promise to dig into LUA myself, to write it on my own ;)

is it even possible to make this in a tool?

it’s 2021 , we need this! :slight_smile:

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