Drag & Drop modulators, between different mod. sets

Imagine that you could drag a AHDSR volume enveloppe and drop it on an empty place in a newly created modulation set.

Where would you drop modulators ? Simple : you could drop them directly in the modulation set matrix.

By modulation set matrix, I mean : the 5 squares located next to 01 : Set 01 in the following picture. When you create 10 sets, you’ve got a lot of cells that reminds me excell or, the pattern matrix.

Dropping a volume type modulator (created in modulation set 1), on the pitch section of modulation set 2 : could automatically create a pitch-based modulation set 2 and / or add it to the chain.

You could use shortcuts. For example SHIFT+DRAG&DROP would simply copy modulators instead of moving them.

You could use the CTRL and click to select specific modulators in the chain, before the drag & drop.

What do you think about it ?

My own initial expectations were that this grid would work like the pattern matrix grid – ie. support operations between grid cells like select cells, cut/copy/paste cells, move / drag-to-copy cells, delete cells, “mute” cells (maybe) etc.

That’s a very good idea. Would be even better if one could also alias slots, so they behave alike!