Drum-Machine-Collection (Renoise Instruments)


last sleepless night i have convert my drum machine library to renoise instruments (xrni).
The pack includes over 130 files from various classic drum machines.

Here you can get it …


I will also post every single file here

Renoise Resources
(Upps … in the kits category is not the full listing! Go to the user page and you find under BamBooli all files i have upload)

Happy drumming ^_^

thanks! (:

this is awesome,if its not illegal these should be included in the final release

I found it myself here and in the faq i found this:
Q: Is the download legal ?
A: Yes, you can freely download all sounds. They are royalty free / Public Domain.
All Samples are coming from the Web and were freely downloadable without
any restrictions, or are contributions from Visitors.
But most of the original Source Websites are gone forever, because i am collecting
now for about 13 Years and anytime good sources are dying.

i love it when people do this stuff. i know exactly what kind of sleepness nights you are talking about and, even though it is quite a tough and strenuous (is that right?) job, how much fun it can be to do this and how satisfying the feeling when you finish up. thanks a lot for going one step ahead and sharing this.

this is a very useful resource. thanks!

Is there a method to how the individual samples are arranged per instrument?

A while back I was banging my head against figuring out what the most versatile layout of an octave would be; even in the sense of using a real keyboard to jam.

Quite a massive kit… Thnx for sharing :)

The kits start at C-3 and up on every single key. In a very few times i must go down to C-2 if the kit has many samples.
Sorry. I have not sort the huge amount of samples to categorys like: kicks on C-1 and up, Snares on C-2 and up …

You can resort it for your needs … ;)

Loving these - Thank you very much!

Thnx BamBooli!

thanks mate, you rock. ;)

Thank you! )


Thank You :)

anybody have this is single files, that they want to share?

the links provided are dead now.


Way to be, thanks so much!

Interestingly, I was thinking of making an exact project like this!

Great work, but how the samples are layed out are not correctly in a GM kit pow? Just tried out with Redux, doesn’t match…

How about you other guys, did it work without having to shuffle around the samples?


[…] Sorry. I have not sort the huge amount of samples to categorys like: kicks on C-1 and up, Snares on C-2 and up […]

Ah, missed this one. With other words, it isn’t mapped correctly.