Drum Pattern Mashup

Hello Renoisers, first of all BIG UP Kaneel, Jonas, Botb, 029 and Connor for your advice, and for making such awsome tracks!

The second burning question I want to ask is to everyone making Brekcore, IDM and Jungle tunes…

I’ve been wondering how different people write their drum patterns, if you write different beats on every pattern or write long patterns and destroy them with vsts like Glitch and Dfx buffer override.

I experiment alot with different techniques but mainly I write long patterns and deconstuct them using a combination of pattern effects and some vsts. The long pattern idea I got from a wicked jungle tutorial I found by Jonas the Plug Expert in an old post.

So in a nutshell I am interested in how long people are making their drum patterns and in what ways they deconstruct them. :) cheers.

To start, check out hseiken’s tip (with a linked xrns file) in this same sub-forum:


Exellent tip, im gonna try this immedietley. Couldn’t get xnrn to work though.

Right click, file -> save as, rename from .zip to .xrns, worked for me?

it indicates only 972kb. he warns that a 14mg file. I’ll check that at home

Sorry about that, he is running it off of my webspace and I decided to go ahead and shrink the XRNS by changing the FLACs to OGGs.

PS: Link please?

PPS: My techniques is as follows:

  1. I have a sample library of over 1300 breaks. 2) I have an equally monstrous sample library of drumkits 3) I combine, layer, render, re-layer, cut, re-cut the breaks and the drumskits together to create something new. 4) I use those new results as breakbeat samples in new songs.

For me, it’s about the timbre of your beats. Hunt them down.

I can’t agree enough with Conner…I think it’s most satisfying to take bits and pieces of stuff you already have (my collection isn’t NEARLY as big…lol) and chop them up and render, chop and combine with other loop pieces, render, add dsp, render, etc. until you have a small collection of various pieces of a drum loop you can destroy via pattern commands. Render Selection To Sample is by far the most useful feature in Renoise to date…kudos to whomever decided to put that in there and kudos to whomever suggested it.

When it comes to the patterns themselves…I usually do not make a ‘drumkit’ and instead opt to use a couple of loops I’ve created (mentioned above) eq’d in such a way that they don’t interfere…for instance, I generally like to have a fat, all encompassing loop to chop using 9xx and a highpass loop that adds a little variation (i.e. eq an amen to the point all you hear is the ride and a bit of the snare) and layer them, changing both when I see fit.

I don’t do much IDM type glitch stuff, but generally, when I do dabble in that genre, I find that the glitchy effects are best left on the master track, send track (assuming you’re muting the sources feeding into it…) or a particularly ‘notable’ track. I’ve found that the glitchy VSTs, while cool, don’t offer enough spontaneous, but hardedged control that I like to have…I’m a control freak…what can I say…I’m particular about my drum tracks!

Getting back to making your own loops, might I HIGHLY SUGGEST (i.e. there’s no question here) you download drummatic3 by e-phonic. Best drum synth I’ve ever seen and it’s free. Not only is it punchy as hell dry, but it’s so BEEFY with a multiband compressor…drool

I think, though, try many things…do a couple of ‘mini’ songs to try different things out. Whatever comes closest to your goal that’s easy to do should be what you go with. If you’re punching your computer trying out a method, that’s probably not the one you want to use. :)

[quote=“Conner_Bw, post:7, topic:19542”]
PS: Link please?

Sorry, I dont know where the link is it was a long time ago, old posts get deleted dont they? As soon as I work out how to upload the xrn, which I will grab off my other computer I will post it here.

Some good advice guys thankyou, my breaks library is not that big, I like original breaks rather than premade stuff but sometimes you find something good on breakbeat paradise.

Im running an old demo of renoise beleive it or not, so if I want to cut up a break and render it I use Fruity Loops then open in renoise. As soon as I have a spare £40 Ill buy it but im so broke!

I agree if youre not having fun whats the point? Most glitch stuff has as a sense of humour and that is important :D

jonas track heres the link I hope im not stepping on toes posting it , wasnt intended for me. Respect to Jonas.

Soultrigga, I’ve been trying that link, but it says that the page requested is unavailable.

I’m trying to find a way to get some glitchy drum stuff for one of my pieces like in this 11 second excerpt of Turmion Kätilöt - Pirun Nyrkki (link http://personal.inet.fi/peli/militarist/_t…rn_example.ogg)). Since I’m not planning to create an entire song using such percussions but just to complement some parts with this kind of sound, I’d like to know whether there are some premade loops of this sort available somewhere. Also, Renoise file with ready-to-copypaste/edit/f**k further loops (without any copyright and conscience issues) are welcome.

I do have a “sufficient” drum sample library of around 750 samples so I shouldn’t have problems finding substitute drum samples suited for the use.

I know that I might sound lazy and I acknowledge the presence of https://forum.renoise.com/t/braindance-glitch-method/19538 thread but I’m only after some quick ideas for limited use.

works ok for me :blink:

A couple of years ago when I was more into drill’n bass/jungle I cutted my breaks into small bits and arrange them piece by piece on different tracks.
It sounded great, but it took a lot of time… :)

Today I prefer the 9xx way because it works faster for me, but I don’t do much jungle anymore.

It’s definitely about 9xx and render to sample. I started out trying to actually program beats in renoise (which I’m not saying is a bad idea), but for what I’m doing, I prefer to re-trigger loops because you get those extra shards and snippets in there that make it sound “fuller”. Find some good loops in songs you like, and if you manipulate them enough, it won’t matter where it came from originally. It’ll be its own monster. :)