drumfunk sample


i am looking for drumfunk samples like this examples.

  1. Venetian Snares -Smersonality / start @ 00:57https://venetiansnares.bandcamp.com/track/smersonality

2 .Dr…um and Relapse - Fuck With The Program / start @ 00:20https://soundcloud.com/dr-um/dr-um-and-relapse-fuck-with

has anybody an idea where I can find this?

The samples should contain ride and toms.

thank you

has anybody an idea where I can find this?

The samples should contain ride and toms.

Find the nearest record-store in your vicinity, see if they have a budget bin somewhere with old funk records (cd’s/vinyl) and preview the records until you find a break that is worth sampling. Perhaps you’d like some more original breaks, drums less likely to have been sampled before, than you could search for small releases of local bands and drink wine while basking in relatively more uniqueness. Or just google and find quadrillion drum sounds on the internets…even better, pre-sliced renoise instruments from board member Ripley;


so, over the time i sliced/marked a lot of breakbeats and saved them as .xrni files to have them ready-to-use for future projects. i thought it’s time to share what i have so far.

  • they are approximately 200 breakbeats (most are old funk breaks, some are 2nd gen breaks such as Soul Beat Runna, Fools Gold and others).
  • all markers were set by hand. no transient detector was used.
  • all genuine breaks and unprocessed
  • i cut longer breaks into several smaller sections, because huge wave files with lots of markers are unconvenient to work with IMO
  • some of the breaks start or end a little abruptly. this is because i deleted sections that have reverb trails of music instruments and the likes on them. so you really don’t miss any of the clean stuff.

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?2876kho8qh2neul

enjoy smile.gif

+1 for the Ripley instruments. I made a drumfunk track with a break from that pack:


I don’t recommend vinyl digging though. It’s a waste of time. These days you can get everything on the internet.


Thx for putting this together