200 Breakbeat Instruments

so, over the time i sliced/marked a lot of breakbeats and saved them as .xrni files to have them ready-to-use for future projects. i thought it’s time to share what i have so far.

  • they are approximately 200 breakbeats (most are old funk breaks, some are 2nd gen breaks such as Soul Beat Runna, Fools Gold and others).
  • all markers were set by hand. no transient detector was used.
  • all genuine breaks and unprocessed
  • i cut longer breaks into several smaller sections, because huge wave files with lots of markers are unconvenient to work with IMO
  • some of the breaks start or end a little abruptly. this is because i deleted sections that have reverb trails of music instruments and the likes on them. so you really don’t miss any of the clean stuff.

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?2876kho8qh2neul

enjoy :)


Fanx, ta-ra!

woow awesome!! thanks alot man, I would buy a beer if we were at the same bar.

  • 1 for the beer. This is incredible awesome

thanx for sharing, ripley!

Incredible, Thanks!!

farplay, gonna take a break from thestudy and have alooksie through them, cheers man

i’m planning to share some xrni on my blog. are you okay if i share this pack?
do you want that i host it or are you okay if i host it ?
what link (mail ? artist page ? ) do you want to go along ?

I take my hat off to you sir.Very commendable :yeah:

Awesome, Ripley, will dl asap! :D

btw, Sam, who’s the girl in the picture you posted?


great thanx to you! in your collection there are some breax that i was looking for in high quality since a long time.

big big thanks!



cheers all, glad you like it :)

of course. if you mention on your blog that it is by renoise user ripley and the archive folder says “… by ripley” it’s all good :)

great will do. will send you a pm when it’s done

just thought id leave another thank you because this is awesome :yeah:

Thank you VERY much :D

This is perfect as I lost all of my original WAV breakbeats recently when my Mac HD died completely out of the blue

Brilliant stuff!

woah :w00t:

thx for sharing !

:wub: :drummer:

ripley is so badass

Must remember to download this when I’m back on my own PC!