Drumkits Assigned To Channels

proper beginner question here so be gentle :)

Im trying to set up an Akai MPD32 pad controller to work in an MPC-alike fashion. (live, kinda like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA1lZjFzgI8 )

Ive created an instrument with several samples, and in the instrument editor clicked ‘generate drumkit’ which assigns a sample to each of my 16 pads. This is playing back pretty much how i’d expect.

Now when I record a loop, it puts all notes in the current track, usually cutting off the previous samples, which isnt good. What I think i’d have to do is to allocate a track to each of the instruments in the drumkit. This would work but might be slow to do them all one at a time, id like to just hit record and not worry about selecting track, so is there a way of automatically assigning a sample to a specific track so no matter what track you
are on, it always goes into the one you have specified?

any advice appreciated, thanks!

why would it be a fake question?
I’ve just looked at that thread and i’ll be honest, I only understand about half of whats being said. I’m guessing that this is actually a similar topic thats being discussed. If so I’ll leave it there and take it as a ‘no, it currently cant do that but might in the future’. I understand old-school trackers but im very new to renoise (couple of days) so I just thought i’d ask a question rather than dig around for hours.

check away, taktik will confirm im legit as he did the licensing…

to prevent the samples from cutting each other off, change the NNA to “continue” in the instrument settings tab. then play with envelopes and fade out settings in the instrument editor.

very strange… not verry cool for a dude who just ask for some advice…

are you going to bite everyone who ask to have a multi outputs for the xrni???

seems Bit(e) Arts is annoyed about something

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I think he suspects a bot posting topics, but there is actually nothing indicating a bot is doing some spamming.
Neither do both users share the same IP.
Even if it would be there is still no real reason to doubt the question.
(Students in the same appartment can share the same Wlan accesspoint and therefore can create different accounts using the same IP origin)

If one suspect a spambot, or heavily trolling members, reports are welcome, otherwise we shall not intervene here.

I think he thought I was one of the other people in that thread who were asking for something he didnt want, so added a similar post from ‘someone new’ to help their argument (and I’ve a brand new account so thats suspicious too). Who knows? Strange reply, was hoping for some info but no harm done. :)
I’ll continue using other apps for mpc stle use, renoise for tracking :)

I don’t think it’s possible to record notes in different tracks at the same time at the moment… you can always move them after recording them… should be too hard depending on which row they are recorded… Yeah I agree that it can be messy for drums… and you don’t hear them right away in the right track with the right effects while you record…

That would be a good feature to add in the future.

oh, I didn’t get what the topic opened meant, but if he means this, then no, it is not possible at the moment. I have suggested this in the request number 2 of this thread