Multiple Outputs Routing For The Internal Renoise Sampler ?

it’s allready possible with vsts…
now it could be the internal sampler turn??

playing a drumkit on one single track with different outputs depending on the renoise multi-sample instrument routing… :)


new functionality (OPTIONAL!) to help determine (fix) the audio channel/mixer strip for each sample in the xrni. (Near the NNA / INTERPOLATION /?)


play (trig) a drum kit (or just type some different xrni s) on a single pattern track, but hear the different sample passing into different mixer strips without having to divide the original track (pattern notes)and without having to place these different samples (notes) into different corresponding tracks in the pattern editor


keep the real-time recorded pattern-track unsplit (notes), but split the sound anywhere on the mixer…

Yes, that is definitely needed and would be awesome to have!



For Vsts this is mainly so that these output channels can be processed individually by the host.
Renoise already processes each internal instrument stream individually no matter which track they are used.
Though there are plenty of other uses for this, so you get my +1.

maybe my english is not powerfull enough…
“renoise internal instruments” ? you mean vst?

thanx for the +1 ;)

Nopes, i mean internal sample based instruments.
Your english is powerfull enough, my English is quite often too ambiguous, so apologize for not being a little more clearer.

Each instrument, right. But we are talking about single channels withing each instrument here. Like a drumset, which should be Though there are plenty of other uses for this, so you get my +1one instrument, but with different output channels, such that you can record the whole drumset per midi or whatever in one go (and thus, due to the way Renoise works into one track), but still have the ability to process each drum differently. (Like adding a reverb on the snare only, but not on the kick). Basically, just the way a hardware sampler would work, it has different audio outputs so that you can route different samples to different channels on your mixer.


hey fladd!!
that’s the best explanation i’d say

thanx… maybe should i have to change the topic title so it’s clearer to get directly understood…
i also thought about saying: “A new option near the interpolation/NewNoteAction/Sync for each sample so you can fix an assigned audio output routing, or let it free… regardless to the fact that it’s a multisampled or single sampled base instrument”… but it was too long for a title :)

also, just as you also sayed about adding reverb on a snare in the same instrument, we can easily imagine some sampled synth layers, sound effects kits, splited synths, etc… all of these played with a single keyboard, but with the audio moving in different traks or sends…as you say, just like hardware/vst samplers do…

i think i wasn’t enough clear… but your english is powerfull too! ;)
… your answer about the sampled base instrument confused me… check at the fladd’s answer so it’s gonna be clearer i think :)… as i sayed, maybe should i have to change the title?

once upon a time everybody here was happy to discover multi out for some vsts… (like myself)… using stuffs like drumatic etc was a little bit frustrating 2 years ago (with only 1 output)… :(
i still feel the same frustration for the internal renoise sampler actualy… :(
i really hope i won’t have to wait 2 more years to enjoy this “SIMPLE” added option…!

i want the “freedom” to decide witch sample go on witch track… just the freedom… i don’t mean changing the allready existing renoise way of composing, but just ADD a new “OPTIONAL sample TRACK ROUTING” or to simplify, “default or fixed output”… i talk about drumkits but it’s not the only potential use…

using 60 traks for the SOUND but ONLY 5 traks FOR THE STRUCTURE is, for me, a huge step in the future! ;) and prevent to get lost by looking for a sample during hours…

thanx for your answer

btw, congrats 4 your 303 emulation

Frustration? Why? I mean, i can see some advantages, but i don’t really miss it. You can go anywhere with the internal instruments without needing that function if it regards routing.

Then you probably don’t have a midi keyboard, drumpads or an e-drum kit.

When you record from one of these devices, all notes go into one and the same track (except you record each drum on it’s own, which again kind of misses the point of playing them anyway :slight_smile: )



imagine more than 30 different wavs (drums or whatever)…

and you want them to be played ONLY ONE AT THE SAME TIME!!!, with CUTS BETWEEN THEM!! so no release (or maybe one from time to time)…

but you want more than one single track can offer (ex: random pan from time to time, moving filter, dist, different eqs, lfo-ed vsts, sends, etc.)

isn’t it simpler to open 1 track for the structure (with the ability to make quick changes between cloned new patterns, NEW NOTE ACTION!!, insert/delete, pattern commands, etc.) and 30 traks for the receiving audio containing the effects/filters/random pan etc…

:w00t: than opening 30 traks, starting to jump between them to be sure that there are not 2 samples at the same time, (be sure to go on pref and choose “tiny fonts” :))sure to apply a note off before the next starts on the next channel, then press tab, insert the new one, note off, tab again, new one, note off, tab, new one,

oops, i made a mistake,

shift tab, delete previous, rewrite at the good place, re-note off, then press tab again, insert the new one, note off, tab again, new one, note off, tab, new one, …then press tab again, insert the new one, note off, tab again, new one, note off, tab, new one,then press tab again, insert the new one, note off, tab again, new one, note off, tab, new one :blink: :wacko:

(with the “copy paste”, i can assure we’re not in shining :w00t: )

Sorry, I don’t get what you are saying there. But to re-explain my point: In any other sequencer I can record a whole e-drumset into one single midi track, but still have the actual audio output routing on single tracks for each of the drums in there, such that I can put a reverb on the snare, but not on the kick, although they are all in the same midi track. That is what we want from Renoise as well, record everything into one track (this actually is a limitation of Renoise! If I could decide which midi notes go into which track and could record them simultaneously into several tracks, that would be just fine as well!) and then route the sound from the sampler which is played by the note information in that track to different output channels (or other tracks), depending on which note value/sample they are (or whatever criterion).

Hope that makes it more clear.


arranging track = drummer’s seat and body :)

receiving audio signal tracks = microphones on toms, snare, etc

It took me a while bu tI see why this makes perfect sense. In the meantime I’m gonna try using keytrack on send destination. Should be tolerable so long as nna is cut and there’s only one hit at a time :lol:
I wonder if scripting will allow one to modify this? Probably not, looking at lua, but what so I know…

Frustration? with renoise!!!??? :yeah: :drummer:


just a suggestion :) i just’d really find this feature usefull… i often miss it when i’m lost jumping between tracks when there is only one sample every 2 patterns…
don’t know if (hope) you understand more now…

because it can be done with too much manipulations and it soon becomes boring…

It’s pretty much an extension of this idea, but rather than tieing whole instruments you can tie notes (samples) within an instrument.

I can see how it would be useful, especially for those that play their drum parts in live or have been using a keyboard split but I don’t think it’s something I would personally use.

And it can’t currently be done. Sure you could write something to edit the offline xrns data and then reload the song and once scripting comes in you should be able to do it (almost) live but I can see why people might like Renoise to do it automatically, if asked to do so.