DSP Envelopes/Modulation

The LFO device is cool and all, and you can pair it with the keytracker to do cool things, but not as much as you can do with the new awesome R3 envelopes. My suggestion is this: Under modulation, right now there is just one category on the envelope types called “Modulation”, so add a category called “DSP modulation”.

This would be really useful for example, you can create a post-fx (or mid-fx) amplitude envelope with the gainer. I’m making a big guitar xrni right now, and I’m making a volume swell macro that controls the attack of a AHDSR, which of course will only swell the sample going into the fx chain. Which does sound cool, but I also want to be able to adjust the volume swell post FX, because that’s a completely different sound. You can do it with LFO+keytracker like always but then you can’t make a macro to control the length of the attack, you can only have a static attack length and control the amplitude.