Dsp Keyboard Navigation

I just recently discovered the keyboard navigation of the Track DSPs chain, trying to improve my workflow by depending less on using the mouse.

However, I can’t find any keyboard shortcuts for navigating thru the parameters of Track DSPs, either in the “Track DSPs” or “Mixer view”.

Changing these values with arrow keys might be a bit impractical in some cases, sure, but being able to do it and for example combining it with a jog wheel would be great. The same applies for the mixer view.


what is unfortunate is that the api does not allow the cursor to be focused to a just-created TrackDSP. would be so swell.

I’d also like a shortcut to explicitly set value by typing. Don’t know if it would collide with some value types (the ratio for example), but when done well, that would be the ideal situation.

With Pan you have to put in L or R to set a value from the value box, so with ratios it could also be entered as seen.

Use Enter key when you are on a slider to activate the valuebox, then Enter again to take it.

Full control of DSP Chain would be very nice though :)