For numerous reasons I want to use renoise in linux, which also means using my windows vsts in linux.

I am running slackware 13.37 and have successfully launched a vst using the command "jack-dssi-host dssi-vst.so:xxvstpluginnamexx.dll

Now my question is how do I get this to be recognized as a native dssi plugin so it comes up in the instruments list in renoise?

my .bashrc looks like this

export VST_PATH  
export DSSI_PATH  


You might want to inspect this topic:

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thanks but the discussion in the first link does not address my problem. interestingly, building from trunk results in a segfault when attempting to launch a vst, though building from trunk was supposed to resolve this, not induce it. How ironic. and I did search the forums extensively but have not found a solution. thanks for the fast response though.

Yeah, well the topic is pretty old already (don’t know what changed in the source code meanwhile as well as on the Git) and i don’t know how many people use slackware as a base for their audio-studio, it could be a slackware thing as well.

ok. well i guess i should put on my dunce hat and install ubuntu. jk, f–k that. :D

does anyone have this working in renoise, so that renoise loads vstis through dssi-vst and puts them into the instruments menu? feedback is much appreciated. what distro are you using? and what version of renoise/dssi-vst/wine and has anyone had luck compiling dssi-vst from trunk?

I don’t know if that conclusion should be taken that early, but besides the many distribution flavors you also have different kernel editions in the Linux world.
I don’t know if it would be ever possible to write a closed source program for every existing distribution. But i personally don’t have the idea this is possible without proper standards on kernel level.

using gentoo here with latest wine and latest dssi-vst (from repository). all compiles straight with no problems and i’ve been able to run some freeware vsts out there, namely Polyiblit, Triangle, Boogex and some others.

what i usually do:

  1. copy my vsts inside a directory (be sure you use 32bit windows dll on a 32bit linux system)
  2. ensure the directory is in the VST_PATH
  3. start first vsthost by pointing a dll name (this should help recreating the dssi-vst caches)
  4. start renoise again and rescan for plugins

be sure your paths env variables are picked up correctly, to do this in a terminal:

echo $DSSI_PATH  
# this should print something  
echo $VST_PATH  
# this should print something  
# if you do not see anything, rexport them again and start renoise from there (don't click the icon on the panel for example, as the anv variables are not seen there)  
export DSSI_PATH="blahblah"  
export VST_PATH="blahblah"