Dupex: Using 2 Controller simultaneously

I got a Behringer BCR2000 and a Korg microKONTROL. I want to use them both without switching in the Duplex browser.

  1. Idea: Opening two Duplex Browsers (“Recorder & Effects” for the BCR2000 and “mixer” for the microKONTROL), but how does it work?
  2. Idea: Creating a individual MIDI map for the microKONTROL, but which CC Messages on which MIDI channel are used by Duplex (Recorder & Effects)or are free to use for the microKONTROL?

The “Duplex Browser” will only let you LOOK at a single device at a time, but you can RUN any number of devices in the background.

Open the browser, hit “Run”. Then select you other device, hit “Run” (I guess you’re already doing this).
If you want both to start to start (run) when Renoise starts, enable “Autostart configuration”
If you want the UI to show when Renoise starts, go to the Duplex menu and enable “Display on startup”

(2) You can remove any mappings you don’t like and they will be freely available for standard MIDI mappings.
For an introduction to editing Duplex config’s, look to this introducton, or the Duplex manual.

Well slowly Iget behind it. I printed out the whole manual to understand all the things around it. But it’s not that easy to understand at all. So I tried to dump the MIDI data in the scripting consol and got this message:

Note that you have to enable scripting in Renoise before you can see
the scripting console (howto: http://code.google.com/p/xrnx/)

And this looks like it’s really complicated.
There are some MIDI messages I want to change. Is there any Channel completely free for modifications? Channel 9 for example: is this channel used by Duplex?

I think it would help if you try to explain what you actually want to achieve - “creating a individual MIDI map” is a bit vague.
But I am guessing that you somehow want to supplement the existing Duplex applications (Mixer, Effect etc.) with standard Renoise MIDI mappings, or perhaps extend the layout with some extra application(s)?

To do this, you first need to make room for the mappings - by removing some of the existing mappings from the device configuration. The device configuration is the file that binds your particular device to the duplex apps.
Look at something like the microKONTROL device-config (Mixer layout) - there is not scripting involved, it’s only a matter of getting the syntax right, or lua will complain. In the device config, there is no need to worry about CC numbers or MIDI channels, everything is based around named groups and positions.

But, if you want to dig deeper, you can check out which mappings (CC numbers, channels) are actually used too. Try looking inside the device-config, it will always be referring to some control-map - this is the file that describe your hardware in terms of actual buttons, knobs and CC messages. Again, here’s a link to the control-map used by the mixer device-config (I’m linking to code.google.com, the files on your hard drive should be identical).
From looking at the file, I can gather that no specific MIDI channel has been entered (“catch all”) - but you could change the “CC#24” into something like “CC#24|Ch9”, to explicitly define that channel 9 should be used for incoming and outgoing messages.
No matter what you do, the device control-map will need to reflect the layout of your controller at all times, or Duplex will not be able to communicate with the device. If you can solve your problem without changing the actual control-map, that would be the easiest solution.

Hey, Thanx! The controller maps got all infos I need. There are just a few things I miss, a controller for bpm for example or one to adjust the step length in the matrix. The BCR2000 map uses only channel 1. So I can use the other channels for additional mappings that I think that are probably cool.