[dupl] OS X El Capitan: Need to reboot to open Renoise again

I can only open Renoise once. When I then close it, and try to open it again, nothing happens. I will need to reboot my computer, to be able to open Renoise again. But again, only once. Then I need to reboot again.

Tested with beta4.

is this OSX El Capitan? Then seehttps://forum.renoise.com/t/osx-el-capitan-renoise-wont-reopen-after-being-closed/44480 please

Working on compatibility fixes for OSX El Capitan already, but this will unfortunately take a while. A “broken” plugin may also cause this when it’s scanned or used in Renoise.

El Capitan, yes. Why does it only happen with this beta, though? Renoise 3 just works fine…