Duplex: Arturia Kebylab 25 / AnalogLab support

Hi all!
in fact this is my first post here, but I am renoise heavy user for a pretty long time.
In a few days I am planning to buy a little bit more serious MidiKeyboard - my choice is Arturia keylab25

but only if there is no problem in:

  1. mapping all the knobs and sliders (for filters parameters and isntruments)
  2. use analoglab soft as a VST instrument
  3. map pitch and modulation wheel

Could anyone be so kind and confirm this?
I know I have to use Duplex, I even know how (it works with small basic midi keys I have),
but I couldnt find presets for keylab25.

Just let me know and I am running to the shop :)/>


You might want to try out these documents (they are both a sticky btw) in case someone doesn’t seem to happen to have a ready made layout for Duplex:

Thanks for the answer,
Looks pretty complicated as I never did any scripting :confused:

Could I use any of already existing presets? (maybe i could map some of the knobs then?)

and another, probably pretty dumb question - how could I control VST instrument parameters using knobs of MidiKeyboard?
I could not find it in midimapping options when checking Available & Active Mappings

That’s cool. However, one of the first things written on the Duplex tool page is “Duplex is optional”.
Duplex can do clever things like allowing you to roam between effects and mixer channels, but I think you could do most of things you want without it -
Maybe your setup doesn’t need to be any more complicated than this:

  • For the VST instrument, use the MIDI Input settings to select your keyboard. This will make the notes from the Keylab arrive into the instrument, no matter which instrument you have selected in Renoise

  • For the parameters, create a Instr. Automation device and MIDI-map the parameters you want. Then save this DSP chain to disk (right-click, “save as”)so you can reuse it later on.

Obviously, it would be nice to have Duplex support for the Keylab too. But it’s mostly a traditional one-to-one controller and not some fancy modern grid controller that would need to be told what to do before being useful.

You use the Instrument control device for that. (You can midimap the sliders of that DSP)

Thank Guys!

I guess I made it far more difficult than it really is (that is part of my nature obviously).
Everything seems to be clear, time for me to buy Keylab