[Duplex] Config File For Mpd26

This week I bought a used akai MPD26 (it seems that I became a fan of akai products somehow),
so I made the Duplex configration for it. :)

1688 MPD26.zip

1- Download and unzip this file
2- Put the MPD26 folder into C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.6.1\Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.Duplex.xrnx\Duplex\Controllers
3- Load any “Generic” preset in MPD26
4- Go into edit mode, press one of the transport buttons and change TRANSPORT-assign from MIDI/MMC to “CTRL”, then save
5- Turn on the “FULL LEVEL” mode for certain pad operations
6- Rename the preset to “Renoise”!! :P

1689 mpd26-map.png

[Note] You cannot use simple note playing and Duplex’s pad operation at the same time, since both use the same note signals. If you want to play pads, close Duplex port and use Renoise native midi port instead.(or make another mapping without Pads section)

Nice work :)

Do you know a manual about duplex?
Could not find it on the renoise site.
Whats the advantage over using the midi learn function of renoise?
I have a bcr2000.

Sorry for asking, but i’m new to renoise :unsure:

Corrected :P

Of course Renoise’s MIDI learn function is great too, but you have to adjust MIDI learn settings for each song, don’t you? If you use Duplex’s configration for bcr2000, you can deal with various tunes by doing just only “plug and play”.

MIDI learn is advantageous to control to the details of a specific tune. And Duplex is advantageous to plug & play for various tunes, I think.

The Duplex manual is here.

Also I’d try to explain [How To Start Editing Duplex Files]. Please refer it too. :)

Haha, though I am not so detailed about it, Numark is Akai’s parent company, isn’t it?? (also Alesis?)

Basically yes. Well at least to the part that was Akai Pro and covers all MIDI/studio type equipment. Don’t think the whole of the old Akai brand though. Yes to Alesis too.

Well a bit off topic though, now I have APC20 & MPD26. Maybe since Numark is treating many DJ products, the feeling of their slider is very good. Also their body is tough and heavy moderately. Well, I’m not a good player though :rolleyes: , my possessiveness is satisfied.

And just a fun tips: MPD & MPK series have “Note Repeat” function. If you assign Solo or Mute to Pads like above and use Note Repeat, you can hear the trans-gate style sounds. (although there are a little cracking noises too ;) )

I have to quite strongly agree! Compare an old MPC such as the MPC2000 against a MPC1000, 2500 or even their new flagship MPC5000 and you will see how much build quality has gone down! Pads are nowhere near as hardy or responsive as they were (see how many threads you can find with problems with these since Numark bought them!!) the PCBs they use are the cheapest I’ve ever seen inside some that claims to be professional kit, leading to broken tracks and other problems beyond just the normal dry joints from again, especially if you’re taking it about/moving it often without a flightcase so may be putting pressure on the sliders and knobs.

Shouldn’t of really made that comment as didn’t want to open this can of worms but couldn’t help myself…

Ohhh, if I understand you correctly, you mean that the current products like MPD are not so good? Personally I am pleased with it though. Then maybe since I have not touched the legacy akai products… :unsure:

Thanks for the links satobox :D