Duplex Layout For Akai Mpd24


I finally installed Renoise 2.6 and am loving it! A huge improvement over previous versions, I am now a registered user. The scripting is amazing, so here’s my addition:

I’ve attached the Duplex layout for the Akai MPD24, (based on the MPD32 layout found here). Just set the MPD24 to any of the ‘default’ presets (where Fader F1 = CC#1) and the faders, knobs, and pads will be at your service! This layout package even includes an Akai-logoed MPD24 icon.

The transport buttons on my MPD24 work properly, so I didn’t re-assign transport buttons as in the MPD32 layout (and the MPD24 has no assignable switches/buttons anyway).

Please test out this layout and let me know of any comments, suggestions, or improvements.



Cheers!! Will take a look at those files

I don’t have the physical AKAI MPD24, but the layout seems to work fine here.

@DRIVER: Can you confirm that you can use the MPD for controlling the matrix? Some time ago, this was reported on the xrnx issue tracker:

I’m hoping that this got sorted out with one of the recent releases, but I’d like someone with the actual device to confirm this, ya’ know?