Duplex Vs Grid Pie


I’m days away from getting a launchpad that I hope will give me (more) live-joy together with my bcr2000 :slight_smile:

I’m especially looking forward to playing with grid pie (already did with the mouse), but I’m a little confused about the stand-alone version vs the one included in duplex. Is it correct that the duplex one is the one with the new features (including feedback on the launchpad) but that it’s not stable yet? At least the standalone grid pie works like I expect (still toying around with my mouse, remember) but the one in duplex is doing strange things quite often…


Grid Pie was a concept I had been sitting on for a long time, then delivered at Music Hackday Montreal last autumn.

My original goal was to include it in Duplex from the start, but Music Hackday is a 24 hour sprint.

As Danoise was on other side of the planet, instead of standing next to me at the event, I couldn’t risk any bottlenecks so I went the standalone route.

The week after the event, I fine tuned it with an Akai LPD8 I bought on the cheap, then I pretty much stopped working on it, then Danoise ported it and took over. Any weirdness should be reported as bugs. I’ll probably catch “dev fever” again in the future and contribute back to the Duplex version…

In any case, I would recommend using Duplex version. To start, not having to map your gear every time is a big plus, and there’s a lot of new features in there worth checking out.

I don’t think “stability” is the issue here. More like Grid Pie Duplex has more in it so it needs more real world testing, feedback, and bug reports.

Have fun!

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll dig into duplex as soon as my launchpad has landed…

Duplex hugs Grid Pie :wub:

Ok, I got my launchpad now, and duplex is running really great. I had one crash, but accidently threw the crash-dialog away, will report it if it happens again!

Anyways, I already discovered alot of what gridpie/duplex can do, but a few things are unclear and I suppose there are other things hidden. Is there any documentation available for gridpie/duplex (beta)?

None really, apart from the things mentioned on in the tool’s thread. A couple of features were added recently, so I just updated the info :slight_smile: