E0 = Whole Line Retrigger?

hey, I dont know why the “0” value in retrigger has been left blank - why not have it retrigger an entire line, the simplest way I find is to do another isntrument hit and 09xx it, which takes alot of mental effort compared to what is required to do a retrigger at less than 1 line’s worth. Just a thought, wouldnt be life-changing, just work-flow-improving

I don’t get what you mean with “retrigger an entire line”; do you mean retrig the instrument at every tick? in this case you can already do it with E1

no i mean, a line. as in, at speed 6, 6 ticks :P

ok, then I’m not following you…

you mean that E0 at speed 06 should retrig the instrument at the first tick of the following line?

so why you should use 09xx on the new instrument hit, as retrigging starts from the beginning of the sample?

I’m obviously missing something in your idea, so please make a tracked example of what you want to recreate, as I understand patterns better than human language :)

C-4 01 E0  
C-4 01 80  
C-4 01 80  

can’t you program an exception to this rule? it would be sweet!

It would be cool if E0 could become a user-defined retrigger rate, not bound by ticks. As for how it is at the moment, it serves no purpose.

in which way would the user define the behaviour of E0?

for such really specific tasks, I would use a combination of more notes+Dx or note+Ex+Dx instead.

try the following examples:

C-4 E3 D4 F106  
C-4 E2 -- | D-4 D5 -- F108  

way more flexible and powerful than a customizable E0

To be honest, your example is something I’m yet to try… Forgive my naivety, especially since I’ve been tracking for 14+ years, but how does the above work?

My idea behind a user defineable retrigger would be to set a value (say in milliseconds) that would become the time of the next retrigger. This way you could ‘tune’ those glitchy noises to your desire. If this can be done using your method, it looks like I’ve got some experimenting to do!

p.s. sorry It-Alien, I now realise (and knew) how your example works, I mistook the F106 command as vibrato!

I always thought E0 should retrigger using the last used value. You know:


behaves as


01xx and 02xx do this. I expected Ex or 0Exx to do the same, but it’s not the case. I never use them though, but might be a good thing to keep the 0 behaviour consistent across commands (when 0 is not used for anything else, that is).

sorry for the late reply, but I had to create a little example showing the different retriggering techniques.

download the module here.

the module is composed of four patterns.

pattern 1:

notice how Dx is used to delay the beginning of Ey; the first note is delayed of x ticks, while the second still retriggers after y ticks.

C-4 D1 E3 F106  

the note gets triggered at tick 01 (D1), then at tick 03 (E3)

pattern 2:

two Ex or Ex + Exy are used on the same row, allowing for even more complex retriggering. See Effect commands tutorial for more info about Exy usage.

pattern 3:

some advanced control of triggering + volume

pattern 4:

retriggering can be stopped at any time using Fx command (note cut).

C-4 E3 FC F110  

16 tick in a row (F110).
notes get triggered at tick 00, 03, 06, 09 then stopped by FC

your idea about msec retriggering has some big disadvantages:

  • is against the tick based engine idea
  • requires a setting by the user which should be set using a textbox or similar

I agree that F0 could be used as a repetitor

Thanks for taking the time on that It-Alien, I can see what you’re getting at and what can be achieved using retrigger alongside other commands now. I dare say that a lot of those command combinations are something I probably wouldn’t use a lot but I can see it has many uses.
I also agree that F0 should really be used as a repeater as with the other commands. I guess my real point boils down to resolution or something like automated loop points.

A-4 01 7f … B-4 01 7f … C-4 01 7f … 0E05

6 ticks, the whole line…
If you want sample offset, add another effect column and add a 09xx command there…
Why wasting time on pan/vol fx commands when you have an effect-column command that does this for you?

Same reason I’m asking for https://forum.renoise.com/t/done-2-6-something-that-has-sort-of-bugged-me-for-years/22337

the fact that not all the samples were created equal… length