"easy" Link Vst-Parameters To Automation(Controler)


I just saw in Ableton that you can click a parameter in (lets say) an VST instrument like a synth, just click a parameter, and then you go from the external view to the DAW, and the daw marked the parameter you wanted, and can instantly automate it.

Am I able to do that in Renoise too?

At the moment i browse an INCREDIBLE BIG list with VERY CRYPTED words like: “xyz lfo 2 op 1 dcl” and it needs much time to find out that this knoob in the program is called like that. (with the instrument automation device)

I have 2 ideas for a solution.

The easiest one to implement might be something like an “ask function”. Where i can say “ask mode on” then i click a knoob, and he tells me how this parameter is called.

The otherone, for the best workflow, could be like the “midimap assign” where i just set the “target” in the automation device to “the next knoob wich is moving” and he automatically looks for the moving value, and gives me the link to the knoob.

Maybe there is already something like that, and i just didnt see it.
It would defenitely improve my workflow, and it doesnt look like this is hard to add to the program.

Im sorry for my bad english, and i hope you could understand me.



On forums such as this there is a little thing called a Search function, which allows you to possible find where the same thing has been previously discussed multiple times before starting your own thread repeating exactly the same sentiments.

Thank you that you remember me to use the search function.
Im sorry that ive got the “No results found” problem. I just dont know how it might be spelled what im looking for.

If you can tell me that i would be happy, and look for it, or you could use 30 seconds of your time again to tell me what i can do to solve the problem.

regards t

“vst learn” has loads of results in Search (this forum even allows 3 letter strings, which most don’t.)


But if you search from within a Topic it only searches that topic (look next to the search box and it will say Forums or This Topic.

Would usually of searched but quickly replied on my way to work. Was meant tongue in cheek from your opening line being “I just saw in Ableton…” sorry I know it wasn’t funny at all, just meant to point you to previous conversations when I didn’t have the time to search them out specifically myself.

Here’s a very recent one from 2.8 beta forum: Instr. Automation Learning Mode

I know there are a fair few older ones too…

hehe my opening line was it that brought you to that ^^
i just wanted to describe what i saw

and i dint look for vst learn -.- but for link and parametar and stuff.

thank you

€ to close this topic:

in renoise 2.7 there is no function for that, maybe for 2.8

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