Instr. Automation Learning Mode

A learn feature in the instrument automation plugin would be great for quickly setting up a VST that has a lot of parameters. A simple form of this would be to have you double click a slot and alter a parameter from within the VST’s GUI. This would require the learn mode to be listening for all parameter changes of an assigned plugin while enabled. A more complex version of this function would be to let you clear out all of the existing assigned parameters and then toggle a learn mode where each of your next alterations within the VST GUI would be added to the automation plugin sequentially, possibly spawning a new automation plugin if all slots are filled or maybe cycling back to the first slot.

Anyone else interested in this feature? Is it something that would require too much work for a 2.8 release and I should post it in the main ideas/suggestions forum?

Sure, I would love to see this feature.
I already suggested a similiar idea realted to the same problem:
Suggestion: AU/VST Automation workflow improvements

I hope Taktik and his team will think about it :rolleyes:

EDIT: oh sorry I see you already know this post :lol:

Is this not likely for 2.8 and I’m better off posting it in the main ideas/suggestions forum?

That or you could perhaps also post it to the Renoise API whichlist that parameters of plugin instruments can be enumerated and be observed.
This way such thing would become scriptable.

we need this one

vst synths are way to complicated to look for any thing like op17mod2lfo1lbr wich is just the name of a knoob, and the one nearby, has nearly the same name, but does sth else -.-

That’s exactly why it’s needed.

i dont wanna sound spoiled with all the awesome stuff renoise implemented lately :yeah: but having used ableton where automating a vst parameter with a midi knob takes about 0.38 seconds in which you are already up and away recording the automation into envelope in high resolution, this indeed would be a great addition. these little technical “creativity killers” should be sorted when you wanna do something simple but have 5 manual steps before you get to it which are automatic in most of the modern daws. and some huge complex vsts pop up a list of 100s strange knob names, and where some are easy to find, some are a real pain in the arse and take tons of time/trial and error to set up.

also, why is the resolution when recording to envelope with a midi controller dependent on the resolution of lines if you can draw a automation by hand in much higher resolution? having a huge lines per beat number just for high automation resolution aint really pleasant to work with since you have to scroll sheetloads more to work on your pattern which again results in a slower productivity.

  • over 9000! for this, definitely needed

+1 this lack also kills me from time to time

however, I am moving this to the standars suggestions forum

+1… spend too many time out finding Instr. Automations names instead of making music :slight_smile:

I was looking for something like this today. Just wanted to throw a +1 at it.

I’d love it if I could click on knobs and whatnot on a VST and have it auto add either automation lanes, or faders to an inst automation meta device.

is this coming?

+1 an absolute must
searching for a proper param to assign to a slider can take ages sometimes, while it should be seconds

the right way is:
1. click the slider in ’ control machine’
2. move a vst(i) knob, which is recognized and automatically assigned to the slider you had clicked


Here is a method that might be simple to implement:

In the instrument panel at the bottom of the screen, there would be a pane that displays the most recently tweaked parameter.

Clicking this pane would copy it, and there would be a button added to the automation device that would paste the parameter.

+1 this.

i am forced to work around this with multiple instances of the same VST

How does that solve not having a learn mode?

he can find every parameter blind after a while. learn mode for the bioware, so to speak.

piling on …+1

Yes! +1