Easy Timestretch Internaly In Renoise.

[b]1. Download dblue Stretch 1.1 from HERE
Remember to put it into your vst folder.

  1. Start Renoise and find a sample you want to timestretch.

  2. Input/Trigger the sample in a track in renoise

  3. Load up dblue timestretch and go to the vst interface in the chain window.

  4. Go to the triggered sample in the track and Record the Dsp slider movement
    on the trigger option on dblue stretch. pull it down to the bottom (OFF)
    (done by holding the right mouse button while dragging the slider)

  5. Go a step down in the pattern and do the same, but this time we want
    to activate the plugin. pull it all the way up.

  6. There we have it, then it’s just a question of adjusting Ratio and the other
    parameteres of your choice.

I use to Render the track to a Sample by marking a selected area and hitting (cntrl+alt+shift+r)[/b]

yeah, dblue stretch for the win! You could also trigger the stretching through the automation editor. Just set it to ‘points’ and click in some dots.

Isn’t that related to the original sample lenght?
and if so, if you want to implement a long timestretch it will be
cutted by the original lenght?

word…thanx :drummer:

that is so cooooool!!


looks like it’s worth a look - thanks!

Keep an eye on this one… dblue has good things planned :)

okay, i’ve now wasted several hours watching it in my renoise, and on the site where it’s downloaded
nothing happens. how long is it supposed to take? and what am i watching for?

Great! Thanks Dblue.

Don’t hold your breath… dblue’s busy playing GTA :lol:

Can’t you see…? Time was stretched :dribble:

ah, damn… and i was waiting for the clowns come running out and throwing
buckets of foam on eachother. ;D hahaha!

when you are used to watching majick beeing done on a regular basis
you forget that simple things can be wizzard tricks. we should round
up a posse and roll dblue “the witch” in tar and trow him on the fire.

And now he will start more of this? who knows what trolls and evil
that will follow him to our lair!!! :unsure:

2bad that plugin is win only and osx users still have to play around with offset…any chance the next version of renoise r willing to add a timestretching tool?

Interesting - are there any more dBlue plugins lurking around?

There’s a bitcrusher that has some cool features… like inverse interpolation (a request I made) that makes for some nasty-assed distortion. It’s on illformed, but I can’t get to the server from here for some reason.

wow just found out about this little gem…beatifull …thanks dblue :)

like I said before this plugin is amazing …automating the grainsize /hold parameters gives some interesting results …now if we only could scan trough the buffer manually …we had a full blown granulair effect
Once again …thanks verry much for this amazing effect

Like I said… keep your eyes on this one :P … I have it on good authority that the next version will have buffer scrubbing, and buffer loop modes.


Here’s another version I did a while ago with a slightly different feature set (including buffer scan), slightly different behaviour, etc. Be warned though: This is just something I whipped up very quickly in an afternoon and never really touched again after that. It’s nowhere near being an official release and it definitely has some bugs, so you use it at your own risk. That being said, if you don’t mess around with the buffer size parameter much (ideally not at all) then it should be pretty stable.

This is what BYTE-Smashed was alluding to earlier in this thread, or rather, the fact that I will eventually get around to fixing this buggy version and giving it some kind of GUI to play around with.

Anyway… :)

what happened to the hold parameter in version 2 ?