Easy Vst Layering.

I’m one of those people who likes to use two or three vsts as one instrument. For easier layering in the instrument input section you could put “will also recieve notes from” and choose an instrument with a possible option of transpose an octave up or down.

That way I could write a bassline with instrument 2 and it would also trigger instrument 3. I would imagine you’d only be able to have that if the instrument was locked to it’s own output pattern.

This would save me and no doubt others a lot of copying, pasting and then number editing which can be a pain with a big arrangement and make editing notes after the fact a LOT easier.

So what do you think?

BTW, amazing job on 2.8, the group tracks, collapsible tracks, favouriting, and the new repeater (which is the best and most consistently controllable device of it’s type I’ve come across) have already become mainstays.

I like that idea. Since my kicks and snares are made up of layers it would be nice to have one track as the trigger then I could collapse the other layers.

I always wanted to write a script that does this. Have one track as the master editing track and the others follow and put a different instrument number in there. If I could only find the time…

Couldn’t this be handled with previously proposed note doubler meta-device?

In my opinion multilayered instruments can not be as flexible as something like this.

That would work for me.