Note Doubler Meta-Device (With Transpose)

I’ve sometimes wanted a meta-device for doubling played notes with some other instrument and optional transponing. It could be used to make automagical subbass and other synth-style sound designs without copy-paste-edit. Pretty much typical tracker layering but automatic - easy way fatten up the sounds.

Generated phantom notes would stay within current track by default but they could also be assigned to other tracks. Coupled with signal follower it could be quite something.

One way to spice this up is to add some randomisation as to what instrument to use or probability if note is even played or at what velocity.

I’ve started to think meta-devices as synth building blocks, with enough pieces they might be more flexible than possible revamped instrument editor.

Nice idea, I think this could be an additional feature for an arpeggiator device, which really should also exist by now :)

Proposed this idea while ago, and would very much still like to see this: #Instrument Driver

Something like this?

Nice that it’s widely requested. Is there some immense technical problem prohibiting this kind of device?

Definitely +1.

I now get by by using a VST synth and samples underneath on the same instrument slot for stuff like that, but as you can imagine it’s not very flexible, though it has advantages of its own.

Last time I proposed this the people said, that multilayered instruments are what I want and these will replace the need for this. I strongly disagree though.

Yep, I would rather have this first before multilayered instrumets - combined with modulating devices (AM, FM etc) that take one tracks input to modulate anothers output. Thing with device/meta-device approach is that it’s lot more flexible as it uses tracks instead of ready-cut samples.

I think I understand where you’re going. Actually I had a thought, why not sending a number of tracks to a specific send track - then sequencing the notes on the send track itself. It will trigger instruments of all sent tracks simultaneously, while allowing more complex dsp routings, that is track dsp and send dsp at the same time.

One might want to fumble around with this script:

It does multi-instrument triggering, but on dedicated tracks only. (It doesn’t work super fluently on the same track)