EDIT issue that I know is stupid but...

Again, still learning this program and I’m sure this is the most basic thing to know, but since I don’t know what to search for when it happens, I get everything else on google and here but what I’m looking for.

So occasionally, renoise starts looping individual bars within a section (e.g., 16-32 out of 64) and I don’t know how to make this stop. Whenever I google “loop” or search through the manual, it just talks about samples which has nothing to do with this. I’m sure I’m just accidentally hitting the wrong shortcut key, but since I don’t know what this function is called, I can’t google it to find out how to stop it.


EDIT: nevermind, finally found it by basically hovering over every button. I don’t know how to delete this

it can be found as “renoise block loop” in google (can be enabled/disable by numeric enter key), the selection based block looping is missing from Renoise by default, but there is a tool to do this



But how delete this loop after you create it? :slight_smile:

@xbitz, sorry to ask this…

What program do you use to make the gifs in motion?I’m interested.

What program do you use to make the gifs

Try LICEcap

Try LICEcap

Thanks dblue!!!