Edit Octave Separately From Note Like In It

As I currently input notes with computer keyboard my notes are usually located inside one octave and when I want to spread them out to more octaves I have to change octave and hunt and peck correct note for every octave change. This is time consuming if I want my octave changes to follow some specific rhythm, for example transposing every other note by full octave.

It would be time saving if Renoise would allow me to edit octave number separately from note like other trackers. If this quite basic functionality is available now I haven’t found it.

Transpose, dude.

you can user “Numpad *” and “Numpad /” to increase/decrease octave, and these shortcuts are editable. also, with the computer keyboard you can type notes inside a range of two and an half octaves. these two facts together are quite everything you need to perform this task quite easily, in my opinion, unless you need to make an arpeggio which madly ranges within 3-4 octaves

But, but I like arpeggios…

It’s probably a personal thing but I like this fast way to transpose to any octave, it allows some quick experimentation and partial transposing without selecting notes first. And sometimes I’m clumsy and input wrong note when all I want to do is transpose that note.

Search transpose among pattern editor shortcuts, there is a transpose octave shortcut unassigned by default. Does that help you out?

I was an IT user too, so I know what you must be facing.

I miss this feature from IT as well.

Being able to vary an existing sequence by rocking-out on the octave can yield some very interesting results.

Usually this is performed as an after-thought, and not in an instance where one would be constantly changing the global octave as the sequence is being entered.

Transpose one Note up Alt + F2
Transpose one Note down Alt + F1
Transpose one Octave up Alt + F12
Transpose one Octave down Alt + F11

could also be used to achieve this, but, of course, involves many more keystrokes.

I would enjoy seeing this feature implemented, though it would slightly change the way patterns are navigated.

I’m almost to the point where I want to code custom qwerty commands with puredata to batch variations I would normally perform by hand.

Doesn’t this really bother anyone else? I hit my head to this again today and I see no workaround for this - I see octaves in a row right there but I’m not allowed to edit them directly. Problem is not transposing blocks or patterns but changing individual note octaves with edit step to quickly spice up arpeggios and ostinantes. It’s also pretty useful for acid basslines and semi-random experimentation.

I agree absolutely that there should be an option to edit the octave directly via numrow or numpad. It greatly limits expression when something which could be varied so easily requires dozens of extra keystrokes. As you said it, the row of numbers is there right before us.

Here is a new xrns tool to achieve the impulsetracker method of octave editing:

assign to alt+0 - alt+9 or whatever you wish, and the octaves may be edited directly taking edit-step into account.

raises hand over here!


  • the automation device, not funny anymore. i mean i’ve learned all shortcuts from the parameter table already and still have to search for them in a loooong list (zebra 2).
  • the text- warning (disability) when try to save sth. into your renoise install folder

Excellent, thanks, I’ll take this to a ride next time I go for Renoise! Maybe this will convince enough people for devs to allow native octave column editing.

I thought Taktik already responded positively upon these kind of editing suggestions made by dBlue in a different topic.
So no real need to convince anylonger… just having patience until it gets implemented somewhen.

Excellent, thanks for the info.

Doesn’t seem to be in 2.8 beta so slight bump.