New Tool: Direct Access To Octave In Pattern Edit

Fans of Impulse Tracker and Schism tracker will appreciate this. :walkman:

This tool emulates direct access to the octave column via key bindings.

Using a combination of key bindings like alt+0 - alt+9, you can dance down a column and edit the note octaves as you go, also taking into account the current edit step.

This is my first scripting project using lua, but there is not much that can go wrong with this as far as bugs go. I didn’t include any checks to see if the next edit step down is beyond the current pattern limit, which does generate a warning, but does not cause any problems.

I suppose it should take into account whether we want it to stop when it reaches the end, wrap back to the top, or proceed to the next pattern in the sequence.

I replaced the lot of functions with one loop. Not sure if this is the way to go, but I am lazy programmer so I do things like that.

Important thing is, DO NOT use com.renoise prefix, this is reserved for renoise team. Use your own domain name, com.protman, or if you don’t have one, come up with some other unique identifier.

My modification is in the attatchment.

Here is a properly packaged version. files zipped then .zip renamed to .xrnx; protman branding.

I also put in a check to avoid warnings when reaching the end of the current pattern.

Thanks, suva, for pro-tips regadring the function declaration loop and other streamlining.

idiotic octave flopping previously less possible before this tool

where do you set up the keybindings for this??

I am pretty sure they are categorized under pattern editing, but if you search for “octave”, they will come up in a list.

got it working,this one is great,and massive fun :D

Nice! The same for the sinstrument column would also be nice I think. Or is that possible already?