Edit Style Option

This is an opinion from a japanese Modplug Tracker user.
He is searching the new age tracker and testing Renoise. B)

He wants to “move the cursor” when he edits in the pattern editor, instead of “scrolling entire background”.
MPT has a option that “Always center active row”,
and if he turns off the option, he can move the cursor when he edits.
(Psycle also adopts such an editing style)

Could Renoise also add such an option?

What is it useful for? :)

That you will always have a certain range of notes visible that would scroll outside the visible area otherwise due to the pattern scrolling them out of sight.

And even if you would remove the lower and upper panels inside Renoise, the pattern keeps scrolling which in some cases can bring you off concentration since you have to refocus again upon where a certain part of your pattern area went. (constant reacustomisation).

I miss this as well. I prefer when the cursor scrolls instead of the entire pattern editor. Also, while we’re at it with the nick-picking, I prefer when the current row isn’t magnified, and I like it when you can’t scroll outside the boundaries of the current pattern… Renoise would be a zillion times cooler if we could change these settings to our liking!

I think this option would be a great addition to a great program!

Short discussion about such an option here:

In short, this would be great, for example, to work within a pattern while being able to actually view the whole pattern, rather than having the screen scroll up when editing the bottom lines.

As you can see in this screenshot, even with the smallest possible font size in the pattern editor and a full-screen view of the pattern editor, much screen space is wasted when the cursor is on the last line. Of course if “view patterns continously” was checked we could see the next pattern here, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see the pattern we are actually working on?

i signed up just to say that i agree with this point. to me the current behavior is really annoying. if you dont have the pattern scrolling it will be more like an X0X style drum machine. as it is now its like i’m sliding back and forth in front of a drum machine on a conveyor belt. i want to see my pattern like a static object.

But what if you pattern is bigger than your screen hight? Mine pretty much always is.

You do know you can turn pattern follow off yeah? So you can be editing a different point to that which is playing.

yes this is not really about pattern follow, which i already turned off. im saying when it is switched off it should not always have the cursor in the center. i would like it to work a bit like microsoft word :P

imagine how annoying it would be if when pressing return while typing in this forum the whole background moved and not the cursor

for large patterns it could “page down” in one jump by a fixed amount. i tend to use the default 64 steps for a pattern which my screen easily covers.

Yes, but this won’t stop the pattern from scrolling when moving up/down with the cursor.
Some folks need a certain orientation point when moving the cursor to arbitrary positions in the pattern. But if clicking the cursor 10 rows down means that the upper ten notes disappear from your screen, that part can be annoying specially if you had in mind to use the upper note on the first row as orientation point to base your next note’s position too.

I experience this kind of annoyance now and then which causes me to enlarge the screen to keep the note visible.
And yes, in that case it would be nice if i don’t need to enlarge the Renoise window just to prevent my orientation note disappears out of the visible scope.
To me it is not a big annoyance, but for folks that use Renoise on a Netbook, this can be a problematic issue.


my reply wasn’t that articulate, this is a better way to describe it.

+1, current behaviour sometimes feels tad slow as perspective is easily lost.


I understand that, it is clear from the original post, I was just making sure Jayjay was aware as it was his first post and wasn’t so clear, especially as I don’t have experience of the XOX.

I’m not against the idea, have few issues with the current working although sometimes would like to be able to see a note I can’t but doesn’t affect me that adversely.

Optional mode to have the cursor move and screen stationary, until you get to the edge of the viewable area, plus a modifier key to use in combination with the arrows to scroll background for repositioning, would happily get a +1 for me for the people more likely to use it (and you never know, maybe I would myself once getting used to it.)

+1 for optional move cursor line instead of pattern.


I think i requested this before too since I don’t like the scrolling. Iirc the current non-scrolling feature separates the editing and playing cursorline, which isn’t very good. With two or three settings the user should be able to get exactly the behavior he or she wants.

When fitting 64 rows on a screen the suggested behaviour is perfect for me.

+1 because Impulse Tracker had it too and I remembered using it pretty much.