Pattern Follow Off, Cursor Makes Window Scroll

I’m having trouble getting a good workflow going because of the cursor’s behaviour: it moves the scroll bar/pattern editor window around when i don’t want it to.

I’ve read this page:
and have tried turning Pattern Follow on and off, but my problem isn’t whether i want the scrolling to lock when i input notes, it’s that i’d like to input notes and move around the cursor in the pattern editor without the window scrolling with it. The thing that bugs me most is that i’ve set the font size in the pattern editor small enough so that the whole pattern can be viewed in the window, but if i move around the cursor to input or paste data at the bottom of the pattern, i lose sight of the top. And if i’m pasting pattern-long data from one pattern to another, i don’t see the bottom lines since the cursor has to be at the top.

So my problem isn’t what the cursor does when i hit play, it’s how moving around the cursor with the arrow keys makes the window scroll even if there’s no need to.

Is there any way to avoid this?


No not really, the pattern display is centered around the keyboard cursor. The patternfollow only has an influence on if the pattern scrolls with the cursor or not but it does not trigger the way the pattern cursor is adjusting the pattern-view while moving.

Wow. i’m surprised by this. Surely i can’t be the only one who finds this annoying?

Say for example i’m copying some data over every two patterns (patterns going A-B-A-B…). Now i’m pasting stuff over previous data, and i would just like to see the change happening, just to make sure i’m doing things right, you know? like, ok the end of the pattern changes in such a way, and i’ve pasted the right data over this one.

I dunno, i can’t get my head around to the fact that it’s impossible to view the whole pattern while pasting from the first line. Anyone with me or am i crazy?

Maybe using home / F9, F10, F11 and F12 keys help you out here to fasten the pace between browsing forth and back in 25% blocks…

You can also try to hide the upper and lower frame which also enlarges your pattern view in height (second and third button from the right side):

Yeah i’ve gotten around this by using the home key and page up/down a lot when i’m pasting stuff around.
But still if i’m simply editing notes in the bottom of the pattern i lose view of the whole thing.

I actually use that screen you showed alot, with the pattern in full screen. I’ve even set the font size to the smallest possible in the prefs panel in hopes that the pattern lines would be small enough to fit in a screen, but as you can see even with these settings the top is lost and a great deal of screen space is wasted:

So i don’t know if everyone feels this is normal, but i’m feeling this could be a nice improvement.

But the last image, there is nothing that you can’t overwrite without seeing it since that was your actual complaint.
What data are you afraid of to overwrite in the last case?

no in the last case i’m not afraid of overwriting in the wrong places, its just a matter of having a general idea and feel for what’s going on, especially if the pattern is looping, it would be nice to see the whole thing while doing any type of editing

Perhaps a good suggestion for the Suggestions & Ideas forum…
If you want, this topic can be moved over there…

In that image there is a vast area of unused space… I usually view patterns continously so it never annoys me, but I can see the reasoning here.

Yeah, I’m aware that some people prefer viewing the patterns continously. But you can see my logic here, i.e. if for example you’re working on a single pattern while it is looping, you want to see that pattern’s data that is playing rather than 1/3 of the screen showing the pattern and 2/3 showing the next pattern.

Thanks for that link, glad to see i’m not alone! I shall bump that thread since it is already in the suggestions.

I guess there’s no need to move this thread also to the suggestions, as a question it has been answered, and i’m now just wishing this is something that could be implemented in the future, so i’ll just link to this in the other thread if it brings new arguments for such a feature.