Effect chains questions/suggestions

In the instruments is it possible to assign a sample to more than one effect chain? I’m currently duplicating a sample if I want parallel effect chains and wondered if there is another way to do this?

Also if parallel chains are possible it would be great if the entire instrument effects section (or something similar) could be provided as a DSP device for tracks.

Simulated parallel processing can be obtained using one or more send devices in the destination chain. Certainly, it does not allow granularity/reusability on the same level as ‘true’ parallel chains but the result would be the same?

Yeah, agreed I can achieve the same effect, it would just be convenient to have them encapsulated in a device :)

How about the other way around - layering multiple instruments from the same pattern data?

Yes, that too… I guess what I am really after is kind of what you can do in Ableton with it’s Racks & Chain Select combo, what we have now feels almost there so maybe we will see it develop in future versions. I have a feeling that under the hood changes in v3 will now allow for that kind of trickery!

EDIT: Also just thought that this would allow for the doofer dry/wet feature by having a dry chain and wet chain

Yup. First of all I’m really glad my modular stuff is now possible without resorting to the mixer sends. I’ve been asking for modular effects chains for a while now.

Right now it seems like we’re so close, I mean we’re really basically there, but we’re a couple of GUI elements away from an internal Audiomulch/Buzz type thing. It doesn’t even have to be a random blob, items can live on a rigid grid, it’s just the routing that’s important.

Though again I have to say, Renoise is such a “desert island” DAW at this point that I’m basically ready to disconnect from the internet and take it as it is.

I didn’t realise you have full routing within the instruments effect section, so yeah its really easy to have parallel chains in instruments… Using formula devices you can create an effect chain selector: [3.0] Switchable effect chains

Its already there, we just need to be able to do this as a track dsp so it can be applied to plugin instruments :)