[Effect Presets] tuned keytracked effects formulas/doofers Ktrk 1.1

As cannot be found elsewhere on this page, I decided to once again upload my tuned keytracked devices.

They are not just keytracked filters, but can be tuned to exact note frequencies with a keytracker. Many Renoise effects supported, not just the filters! Also there is bend control possible, and you can transpose or tune to harmonics by editing the parameters in the formula device text field (no need to scroll).

The library can be installed by drag’n’drop the file into a renoise window.

There are Doofer presets in the library, that contain pre-setup keytracker/formula/effect combinations. You will want to tweak the parameters of the keytracker, effect and maybe the text parameters of the formula to work with the effects.

Also the library contains the raw formula presets I have gathered so far.

I will in the following days look up my data and put up a table in here the devices each formula will work with. Sorry, can’t be bothered now, it’s been a while since I created them.

org.OoopsIFly.ktrk1.1.xrnl (37.6 KB)


Hey thanks but how do I use these in renoise I dont see them anywhere
edit i didnt read the description fully and just now figured it out. this is amazing thank yu dude. been trying to figure this out for days

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You’re welcome. Glad you find the stuff interesting.

If you have questions, or want to achieve something other than is currently possible with the effects, feel free to ask here. I might know how to help.

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Hey I have just started using the multitap delay key tracking for karplus strong. There seems to be a glide when pressing notes, is there any way to stop it from gliding or have a faster glide so it isn’t as noticeable?

No, sorry, the delay effects have the glide baked in. All I can do is tune the parameter value being set to a pitch. If you need instant pitch control for a filter, you should use the comb filter or chorus, not the delays. The delays I just added as a little gimmicks for experimentation.

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Gotcha, thanks anyway

Ehem, where do I find those presets again in Renoise after installation? EDIT: Nvm, found in the doofer / math device preset lists.