Effective Use Of Retrig?

been usin renoise for a while , but cant help thinkin im not gettin the best benefits out of the retrig function can do some glitchy rolls but is this all people are using it for ? like i have a retrigger dblue vst effect thing n thta makes breaks twisted as fuck , any1 fancy sending me a xrns file of examples on hwo they use retrig n its capabilites coz im kind of stumped atm cheers :)

any1 got any suggestions doesnt have 2 b a xrns that would jsut be very helpful to me im a very visual learner . any help will b well received .

hi, this thread contains an XRNS and some explanations about it.

the XRNS shows some advanced combinations of Dx, Ex, Fx and Exy commands.

In case you were looking for something different, I’m sorry, but your slang is quite obscure for me…

lol cheers pal , in what way is it obscure? :blink:

how do i open the xml file ?

if you see an XML file, that’s because your browser has automatically extracted the XRNS file, which is actually nothing more than a renamed ZIP file. You have to save the XRNS file without automatically extract it, and open it by doubleclicking on it normally. Another way to do this is making the file type associations between XRNS files and Renoise into your browser


For effective use of retrig, use it on all of your notes. :D

Done. I’m under a Linux machine now, so I cannot test it on IE. Hope it works.

cheers for ur help chief.

This was a unique use of retrig for me: