[electronica/field-recording] Tone-matrix Twiddling

Got inspired by Danoise’s tone-matrix demo.xrns posted here ( https://forum.renoise.com/t/tonematrix/26771 ), showing a possibility of the new pattern matrix. Did some live twiddling with his songfile and manipulated the render in wavelab with vst plugins and layers of field recordings.

Stream the track here:

Find a direct dl link here:

Hope you enjoy my cookery!



Hey Jonas,

Indeed cookery is the correct term - and I like it very much! Always have had a soft spot for this kind of improv. music. Performing such stuff, and listening to pioneers (like Vladimir Ussachevsky) is simply great.

Your piece strikes a really delicate balance between “being there”, and becoming pure ambient sound - I think it owes a lot to your careful timing and a sense of “physicality” (which is unlike dance music, but also more than just cold intellect & theory)

Thnx for the feedback Danoise, appreciate it + thnx for the inspiration .xrns! ;)