A tiny song which celebrate the pattern matrix by turning it into a “ToneMatrix”.
Inspired by this thread

(If you play with this thing, you’ll probably want to check out the mute block keyboard shortcut)

Folks actually may also thank you for delivering the initial matrix design :)

That’s hot.

Thanks! And if anybody maps this thing onto a grid controller, please shoot a video :lol:

nice one.

Playing with the volume envelope in the instr editor is immediate win :)

Nice one, thanks B)

thanks a lot!

Try play with the song speeds as well people.

Bump, because this is cool.

Hint to everyone else: Show off cool 2.5 tricks (not just matrix, but all features) because I am greedy and want to learn.


a crappy attempt for a formant filter …control with the hydra main slider

:blink: :dribble: thanks for this… this could be used in so many ways

I’m gonna give it a try with max msp and the novation launch pad.

Edit: Job’s done, I made a patch in Max 5 to trigger different offset (à la beatslicer) of a single video file based on which notes are played in Renoise. Then I mapped my Launch Pad to my Tone Matrix in Renoise and coded some stuff in Max so I get visual feedback from it.

Video coming soon.

I’m working on a demo tune, kinda showcasing the new FX. More soon.


video like you asked

nice, steve reich eat your heart out :)

this shit just got serious B)

Whoa, didn’t see that before now!! Nice one.

I really gotta try this as soon as my launchpad arrives.

yo Danoise, I used your song for a live twiddling session and made me a collage in wavelab with it, check the track here:

direct dl:…-bijna/download

cheers for the inspiration!

Am I right in thinking that a formant is two band passes in parallel, then mixed back together?

The XY pad is an obvious candidate here, no?

Yep. Two or three is enough for recognizable speech. Some time ago I played with making lofi Renoise speechsynth, a Python script that outputted xml data controlling three bandpass filters on three sendtracks. Vowels were easy, but I had problems with consonant formants and timing those, so nothing much came out of it.