Energyxt With Renoise

im thinking on getting the energyXT2 to use with renoise,but would like to know from other users if this is recommended,i have heard that XT2 isent that stable??

what are the advantages??if any

any disadvantages?


go for sonicbytes phrazor…unnnfortunately it is now discontinued …but the latest beta release is free and stable
It’s an awesome piece of software and a killer combo when used with renoise
Get latest beta here …( ps I made a new skin for it …didn’t like the original )…it&action=1

thanx will look into it,what does this do that XT2 doesent??i would like that skin to if possible

It depends…what are you intending to use EnergyXT for? If you need the modular routing features, Phrazor isn’t really of any use, you would want to use EnergyXT for that. But if you need a phrase sequencer (triggering note sequences by hitting individual keys), or creating sophisticated arpeggios, Phrazor is the way to go.

eXT2 is not recommended with Renoise. It is buggy and have synch problems.
Go for eXT v 1.41

You can read about some of the things you can do with this combo in this thread.

Btw, after that thread was made Renoise got the Line-In device.
If you put that device in front of eXT vst version, then you can record directly into eXT that can then be synched to Renoise.

So eXT is useful to record/stream,/playback large files synched to renoise,
You can route things as you want. Bundle fx’s or instruments. Use midi plugins,
Use Pianoroll and many more things. A very nice tool together with Renoise.

thanx i will look into it,i think i will get energyXT at some point,to use the modular routing features,but thanx for your replys

anyone know how well the internal synth workie of energyXT in renoise?

thought about it since being ported to linux, i have some off time samples i need to blend into something more on time, but i really want to know about the synth.

have just tried syncing phrazor to renoise,i still need to get used to it though,but it could be a nice tool to use with renoise.

i still need to spend more time figuring it all out.

but if i say have a synth vst in track 1 in phrazor (synced to renoise)and i put in notes on track 1 in renoise,is there some way i can get the notes showed on track 1 in phrazor??

i just quickly tried it,but couldnt get the notes to show up in phrazor,dont know if its a limitation(due to the fact that phrazor isent developed anymore)or if im missing something

i have ext1.4 and this plugin doesnt work without exeptions and creshes even one time, maybe its about vsts i use inside ext, but on renoise these plugins work perfect

The way I use it (there’s prolly many other ways), I use the built-in pianoroll to build sequences. Then, in the “remote” panel I choose how phrazor should respond to incoming notes (such as, transpose to match incoming pitch, or arpeggiate btw. notes etc.). Works like a charm!

Hey, just downloaded phrazor from the link provided as I have been looking for a vst with a piano roll to load into renoise, can anyone please tell me the basics on how to get the piano roll to work in renoise with say a sample I have loaded up. I can get it to sync with renoise in a way, but nothing happens when I make a pattern in phrazor’s piano roll. I’ve read the online manual and been trying for the last 2 days, still can’t sort it out. Help!

hm can’t upload gui

Yeah go for xt 1.41 as a vst. To sync it to the host you’ll have to change the sync to “external”.

You could also use the effects version and use it as an insert on a bus. That way you could use xt as a live resampler to bounce down tracks. I used to use it this way in Live before Ableton added midi functionality and it worked well.

As for stability your millage may vary. The best advise I can give is try it and see.

I (was until my computer died last friday) using Linux eXT2 with ReNoise. You can link them via Jack. What I used it for was for long audio track support in ReNoise songs. I’d write a few patterns or so in ReNoise, render out each track and pattern as a separate audio file, then load them all up in XT2 and build a quick sketch of a song around the time-stretched audio parts I needed to use, then go back into ReNoise and mimic that ‘sketch’ of the song, then add sparkle and variation to the ReNoise song…

At that point, I’d render the (usually stretched) audio file from XT2 into ReNoise and play it together with the song and add fx to it.

Seems kind of complicated, but XT2’s audio handling is useful for things like adding vocals to tracks. It’s much tougher and slower to do in ReNoise and requires lots of cutting of files, exporting, fixing, importing again, etc. In XT2, just align it where it needs to be, stretch it if you need to and you got it…