Enhancing The "random" Button For Vst(i)

For all exposed parameters, a checkbox (plus a toggle for “randomize selected” & “randomize unselected”) and an “amount” slider, also a “master amount” slider (amount in this context meaning the amount of randomness, you’d prolly call it differently but I’m about to hit the bed so…). That might be overkill, but at least a way to keep it from changing some parameters (obviously different for each VST(i)) would make worlds of difference. Allowing even more tweaking is of course always nice, but wouldn’t be as essential IMHO.

Oh, and it would rule if Renoise could remember the parameter mask (not necessarily the amounts) across all instances of the effect/instrument… because the main use I have in mind would be to forbid the random button to meddle with pich/finetune or any other parameters that make using the random function not really useful with some VST(i). You’d more or less set that up only once per VST(i). Oohhh… TWO separate masks would be great, so that you can mark the parameters you really never want to change, and can set up a second (temporary) mask to play with just a bunch of parameters…

I hope that makes any sense to anybody, if not I’ll be happy to explain it better tomorrow…

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I support this idea… it reminds me the “random” in fruity loops…

they use the word “population” for what you called “amount”… I think I prefer “amount” better.

Choosing the octave range would be a good idea too…


yeah, good idea. +1


Bump haha.

i didnt know that god used fruity loops… he just turned the population knob and boom. people

Another note about the random function in renoise: it doesn’t seem to be very random!.. that is, if you press it enough times, every parameter will end up somewhere near the middle. This seems to be a sign that the the random function is TOO intelligent. A true randomization would also have parameters sitting at 100 or 0% sometimes.

(Should I repost this little thing as bug?)

It’s sooooo 10.000 BC to put on a skeleton mask and dance your fears away.

aww… bullseye. shrugs

Should totally look into a solution like the patch mutator for the Nord Modular software. Pick patch 1, patch 2, generate random variations between them, through interpolation or genetic algorithm style crossovers and mutations.
I’ve gotten a ridiculous amount of mileage and happy accidents out of that tool, and having it app-wide in Renoise through extending the automation device or somesuch would be pretty okay!

Sigh :)

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Polac VST(i) loader for Jeskola Buzz has really good preset morpher and randomizer aka Preset Factory:

|The Preset Factory allows you to create new sounds in 3 ways:

  1. Morphing:
    The morph slider will, generally spoken, take preset A, B and linearly blend between both. If there wasn’t the Mode setting above. “ALL” will really just do the blend-job, but then it get’s interesting again. “Selected” will only touch the parameters which are selected in the parameter list (F3). “Not selected” does the same with all non-selected parameters. “Learned” only affects the vst parameters that have been assigned to buzz parameters. “Not learned” vice versa.

  2. Genetics (“Breed”):
    The genetics slider determines the amount of vst parameters that will be taken from both presets. It doesn’t change the preset unless you press the “Breed!” button. Once it’s pressed, it takes the specified amount of (random!) vst parameters to create a new sound. Of course, you can point out which parameters may be used for this procedure using the Mode as in the morphing.

To make it easier for you:
E.g. your plugin has got 10 vst parameters and you don’t move the genetics slider, 5 parameters from both selected presets will remain in the new preset. Which exact parameters are used is Breed’s choice (random).

  1. Randomize:
    Good old-fashioned patch randomizing. You can specify the amount of randomization by enabling the % range. The Mode is enabled for usage with randomizing as stated above.|

This suggestion does not really makes a lot of sense, plus creates a lot of effort for the Renoise team, which could be better invested elsewhere. Instead, you could write your own parameter randomizer tool, and include a parameter blacklist or even a definition dataset for each plugin, telling the randomizer what kind of parameter each one is (e.g. bipolar, range, amount, type of transfer function etc).

The native Renoise randomize is very raw and often also randomizes unwanted parameters, which then messes up the preset. It is a better practice if the plugin itself provides a randomize function instead. Because the vendor usually knows best how this should work.

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You can somehow “morph-record” vst parameters using the guiAutomationRecorder tool. switch off the “oneAndOnlyMode” (might be buggy), enable “record gui controls” but do not start playing, then scroll around the pattern and move various vsti or vst gui controls. You can also switch presets while controls recording, and so create a preset morph, but since there is no blacklist, it might end up in a mess, or leave out essential parameters…

This works surprisingly well for simple vst effects, like max. 20 parameters or so. You will get nice preset morphs, hehe.

P.S: you also should disable automation following in song options

I disagree,renoise already has a built in randomizer,this suggestion is to upgrade it and make it a lot more useful.Creating effort for renoise team can be said for any suggestion.It comes down to a users individual preference,if its not for you that’s fine but it makes this no less a valid suggestion.Personally speaking i would find this a huge plus and incredibly useful.